Origins Game Fair Spotlight – Chris Miller Games

I ran into Chris Miller of Chris Miller Games and Ankur: Kingdom of the Gods at Atlanta Sci-fi and Fantasy Expo, MomoCon, and, now, Origins Game Fair 2018. At MomoCon, I participated in an interview with Chris and I can tell you, he has some interesting stories about the origins of Ankur that are worth heading to his booth and asking about. Head over to booth 460 and say hi.


Ankur: Kingdom of the Gods – Kingdom of the gods is a sci-fi tabletop role-playing game based largely on ancient Sumerian mythology. The game takes place on Earth just after the great flood, some 25,000 years in the past. A species of Alien beings from the planet Nibir, in the farthest reaches of our own solar system, come to Earth to mine gold for the production of Mana. Through genetic manipulation, they create a variety of humanoid slaves to mine gold.

A series of cataclysms and power struggles set in motion events that will entwine the destinies of these species forever! Since the great flood many forgotten ruins and ancient alien technologies lay buried, awaiting re-discovery and exploration. Strange monsters roam the land, remnants of a pre-historic past, all but swept away by the hands of fate. Politics and treachery are around every corner as alien and humankind alike struggle to claim their place in this world. It is up to the players to decide the fate of Earth. Prepare to enter a world of pre-historic monsters, flying saucers, swords and sorcery. Adventure awaits you in…

ANKUR – Kingdom of the gods!


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