PRESS RELEASE: Dark Conspiracy is back!

Clockwork Publishing/Uhrwerk Verlag is proud to launch a new edition of Lester Smith’s Dark Conspiracy on Game On Tabletop


In Dark Conspiracy, the players taken on the roles of normal citizens in an era marked by a Greater Depression, drawn into investigating the sinister alien horror, minions of dark and evil alien entities, that have infiltrated human society.

With an arsenal of high-tech weapons and paranormal abilities, these “minion hunters” form cells, relying one one other as they wage a clandestine war against these evil forces that attempt to ruin the world for humankind. 

This new edition updates the original game system and setting to modern sensibilities and heralds a robust line of accompanying sourcebooks and accessories. The team contains a wide and diverse team of talented newcomers and industry veterans, with additional team members to be announced. 


About Uhrwerk Verlag

Patric Götz founded Uhrwerk Verlag in 2009, using his extensive experience in the field of roleplaying, first as an employee in a games store, then working at a wholesaler, and finally as publishing director at Ulisses Spiele. Uhrwerk’s first publications were the German versions of Hollow Earth Expedition and Deadlands Classic in 2009, as well as the license for the western continent Myranor for The Dark Eye. In the following years, Uhrwerk continued with successful launches with more and more German self-productions likeMalmsturmContact, and Dungeonslayers, and expanded into translations of English games such as Numenera and Achtung! Cthulhu. Since 2013, Uhrwerk Verlag (under the label Clockwork Publishing) has branched into the English-speaking market, financing a new edition of Space: 1889. At the same time, the company focuses mainly on the production of its original German fantasy roleplaying game, Splittermond. Today, about a dozen employees are permanently employed at Uhrwerk Verlag, and on average, they issue three to four roleplaying publications per month. Uhrwerk Verlag has a history of executing several prior several crowdfunding campaigns.