Funny as F**k new book – The Strange Things People Say

So…ummm…there’s this new book I just wrote.

It’s called The Funny Things People Say.

Look. It’s a fact. People like to talk. A lot. And for the most part, you should let them. Because you never know when you’re gonna get weird little gems like:

“That girl has wayyyy better options than living in a love coffin.”

“BTW, should we get wasted tomorrow, play Doom, and make terrible decisions?”

“Oh ewww. I didn’t think that emoticon would shoot little hearts out of its butt. My bad.”

Oh, these quotes? People actually said these. I’m not at all kidding. You see, The Strange Things People Say is a collection of funny real-life texts, sexts, tweets, emails, facebook posts, and more. They’re all out of context, but they all actually happened.

It’s right here:

The Strange Things People Say Cover

The softcover is only $4.99.  The Kindle version is only $1.99.

It’s funny. It’s weird. And it’s real.

The Strange Things People Say. Now available.

J Edward Neill

Creator of Coffee Table Philosophy