The Darkest Art Prints Ever

Last Autumn 4

Whenever I’m not writing dark fantasy novels, philosophy books, or sci-fi books, I’m painting. Acrylics. Giant canvasses. Spooky, surreal art. The original paintings are for sale here. But for those who want affordable prints, framed art, canvasses, and tapestries of my work, I’m selling them on the amazing art site, Society6. It’s a … Continue reading

The Sister Series Superstar – Leanne Davis

On an otherwise quiet afternoon, while fishing in a blue lake beneath the summer sun, we caught a fish. Only this was no ordinary fish. This was Leanne Davis, author of The Sister Series and The Seaclusion Series, both of which are huge. And this is no fish story. If you like … Continue reading

Painting with Darkness – Part X

Last Autumn 2

After a short layoff, I’m back to doing terrible things with my paintbrush. Dark cities, twisted terrains, and this time around, an eerie, abstract tree. I call this one, ‘The Last Autumn.’  The original is for sale here, if you’re interested. Now let’s talk about how The Last Autumn came to … Continue reading

The Super Smart Summer Book Sale

444 Questions for the Universe Sliver - Copy

You’ve got answers. Well I’ve got questions. For the next few days, four of the most popular books in the Coffee Table Philosophy series are on MEGA-discount. Meaning each of the Kindle titles shown below is available for only $0.99 (or £0.99) in the US and UK! These are the supreme books for armchair … Continue reading

The Complete Backstory of the Tyrants of the Dead Trilogy


Many years have passed… And many books have I written… And yet none are as sacred as these first three… * It’s dark now. It’s raining in cold sheets. Thunder shakes the earth. Lightning tears away the night, at least for a half-breath. It was on one such night, long ago, I dreamed … Continue reading

Humanity, and the loss thereof


Sometimes I’m grateful I don’t watch television. Life is usually better on the days I don’t listen to the radio, chat about the latest news, or accidentally overhear someone running their mouth about politics. And when I say ‘sometimes,‘ I’m referring to always. I avoid the media like the plague. Because let’s face it; … Continue reading

7 Ways to step up your Indie Author Career


For many months, I’ve resisted writing this. Author advice columns and ‘do-it-better’ blogs often come off as pretentious. And that’s the last thing I want to do. Even so… After swimming in the shark-infested waters of self-publishing for many years, I feel it’s time I share a few nuggets of … Continue reading

A Book Fiend’s 2016 Summer Reading List


A couple of weeks ago, after heading to 2nd and Charles (a.k.a  the place that feeds my addiction for used DVD’s and books), I found myself at the house looking at my recent haul. Combined with a growing collection of books that I’d bought over the past few months, and … Continue reading

Interview with the Nicest Author Ever


In the business of creative networking, it’s common to meet a ton of nice people. They’re everywhere, and they WAY outnumber the trolls. But sometimes, every once in a while, you meet someone who’s nicer than nice, who’s sweet, calm, and utterly pleasant to talk with. One such uber-nice person … Continue reading

Sequels That Never Were – The Crow

The Crow: The Devil’s Mask Setting: Washington, D.C. Time: The Near Future   Night. A crow soars through the city streets of Washington, D.C. In the distance there are fires burning, the results of the latest riots. While the crow continues its flight, the narrator, a woman’s voice, speaks. “Sometimes, … Continue reading

There are no rules…

Inf Kitchen

Hi everyone, We’ve got something interesting for those of you who are artists, writers, poets, and bloggers. Dylan Kinnett, the head honcho over at Infinity’s Kitchen, just sent out a call for submissions. He’s teamed up with Ink Press Productions to bring you more off-the-grid artistic work. And we at Tessera Guild couldn’t … Continue reading

Choose Your Own Afterlife

About to be independance dayed

In pretty much all my non-fiction work, I like to touch on the subject of the afterlife. Not in a morbid way. More of a ‘let’s think outside the box’ way. It’s a topic I prefer to engage with questions rather than statements. After all, no one really knows what happens after death. Some … Continue reading

The Best of Mean Tweets


First, allow me to give you a primer on ‘Mean Tweets.’ Perhaps not everyone has heard of Jimmy Kimmel’s infamous segment. For those not in the loop, Jimmy frequently invites celebrities and athletes on his show, and asks them to read aloud funny (and usually pretty nasty) tweets directed toward the celeb. Past ‘Mean Tweet’ … Continue reading

Little Mia Doesn’t Stand a Chance


In the old world city of Ellerae, one person goes missing every day. Poor little Mia doesn’t stand a chance. Or does she? One dead. Every night. Forever…   Let the Bodies A terrifying follow-up to the short story Old Man of Tessera. FREE for the weekend. Let the Bodies is one of … Continue reading

Nostradamus was wrong. The world ends TODAY…

101 Qs for the End of the World Front Cover

You heard, right? 101 Questions for the End of the World is here   It has questions. Tons of questions. But instead of ice-breaking, improve your love life-type questions, it’s full of deadly serious inquiries. Think Socrates meets Stephen Hawking, Plato meets Carl Sagan, and that’s kinda sorta what it’s like. It’s for … Continue reading

Fae and Unicorns and Bugs… Oh My!

Flowerchild by Sorknes |

You were with me till I mentioned bugs, right? Hear me out! These are three fun art challenges happening in June. Like #mermay and #inktober, artists will be sketching/drawing/painting daily based on one or a combination of these themes. You’ll be able to follow these hashtags on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook: … Continue reading

Movie Casting for A Door Never Dreamed Of


Not all that long ago, I dreamed up a book. And then I wrote it. And loved every moment of its creation. When it hit Amazon, the reactions were pretty much identical. “Make this into a movie,” my readers suggested. “Now!” Gosh, I’d love to, I thought. A Door Never Dreamed … Continue reading

Preparing You For the End of the World

Event Horizon

A part of me is ever optimistic. Another part of me…not so much. I’ve always hoped for more out of the universe. And what I mean by more is that I want a greater meaning. A deeper understanding. The ability to one day, even if after my own death, to … Continue reading

Interview with Author Stacy Bennett

Stacy Bennett Author Interview

You may not yet know the name Stacy Bennett, but you will. Last year I had the pleasure of reading an early version of one of her upcoming novels. The experience was thrilling–one of those instances where I couldn’t stop reading. I was wide awake in wee hours of the morning devouring every … Continue reading

Co-Author Throwdown – J & Jaylene’s Favorite Things


Today at Tessera Guild, authors J Edward Neill and Jaylene Jacobus go head-to-head in their first ever e-interview. Unlike most of our super friendly interviews, this one got a little colorful.  🙂 The blow-by-blow is right…here: * * * J EDWARD NEILL: Today’s creative interview is with Seattle author Jaylene … Continue reading

The Empire is HOLLOW


This Friday the 13th… Curl up with shadowy medieval tale, Hollow Empire – Night of Knives Once, the empire of Vhur was the world’s most powerful. But that was before the Lichy plague. Now, twenty years and millions of dead later, only a few cities remain. The survivors walk a fine … Continue reading