How Playing D&D Reshaped My Entire Life


Christmas Eve 1987. I was eleven years old. As far as gift-hauls go, 1987 was a reasonable year. I raked in some fresh NES games, unwrapped a new pile of GI Joe action figures, and rolled my eyes at the requisite stack of clothes for school. I would’ve been satisfied if that’s all it had been. Toys, … Continue reading

the Hecatomb – ‘heka’tom/


Hecatomb – ‘heka’tom/ (noun) – An extensive loss of life for some cause. or… The name of my terrifying new novella, NOW available. From Sept 20th-27th, The Hecatomb is on mega-deadly sale. I’m looking for your honest Amazon reviews! In a drowned village, on a dark shore, in a city … Continue reading

A Thought for Every Thursday – What’s in a Heart?


Welcome to the latest installment of my new weekly series, A Thought for Every Thursday. Every Thursday at Tessera Guild I’ll pose a question (or several) regarding a specific current event, a modern moral issue, or a philosophical conundrum. Instead of answering it myself, I’ll look to you for the resolution. … Continue reading

Vanity Press: What Kickstarter Rewards Are Available? – Slaughter at Splinterfang Gorge & Luminous Echo

My goal? To write tabletop role-playing games professionally. My plan? To pledge for RPG Kickstarters that let me write as a reward. My reality? I pay-to-play to build my resume. So far, I discussed my contribution – monetary and writing-wise – to the Kickstarter for Sasquatch Game Studio’s 5e campaign setting … Continue reading

Kickstarter Reward Level: Vanity Press – Primeval Thule


“Can I buy enough RPG writing credits to springboard from vanity press to a paid freelancer?” Since my first game of D&D with J Edward Neill, I’ve seen tabletop role-playing games as an opportunity to tell stories professionally. However, it’s not a profession that I pursued. I plead “responsibilities” – … Continue reading

101 Questions for Humanity is Free this week


FREE for the next few days! 101 Questions for Humanity Designed to provoke, question, and challenge, 101 Questions for Humanity is the supreme coffee table book for armchair philosophers. Crack it open during huge parties, tiny gatherings, or lonely nights on the couch. Entertain yourself…or twenty friends and frienemies. Review it right here!  To … Continue reading

The Strange and Shadowy Art of J Edward Neill


Hi there everyone. While it’s true most of my creative time is dedicated to writing fantasy, sci-fi, and philosophy books, in recent months I’ve found myself wanting to paint. As in a lot. As in almost every night. It’s something I do to relax at the end of a brutal … Continue reading

Let’s Escape


“Escapism:  the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.” I’m finding myself escaping a bit more nowadays. Let me flesh that out a little better. For the past year, things have been a bit hectic. Sometimes stressful. Many times head scratchingly … Continue reading

A Thought for every Thursday


Welcome to the first installment of my new weekly series, A Thought for Every Thursday. It’s simple: Every Thursday here at Tessera Guild I’ll pose a question (or several) regarding a specific current event, a modern moral issue, or a philosophical conundrum. Instead of answering it myself, I’ll look to … Continue reading

Shadows & Dust & Free Paperbacks or Bust


Hey there, my favorite people in the world. I’m talking about book readers. Obviously. 🙂 Several times over the last two years, I’ve taken a few risks. I’ve offered free paperback copies of my best books in exchange for honest reviews via Amazon. I pay for the paperback and I … Continue reading

Three Little Sunsets in Florida


Recently I took a little vacation to the Gulf Coast of Florida. In contrast to some of my lavish vacations of yesteryear, I did this one quick and cheap. Which turned out just perfect. This is my journal for four days and three nights in Palm Harbor, Florida. Please enjoy. * * * Tuesday, Sept 6th – … Continue reading

The search for badass bloggers!


Hey you. Are you an artist? An author? A photographer? Or someone with something awesome to blog about? Yeah. We bet you are. 🙂 We think you should know; Tessera Guild is looking for someone like you. Did you just finish a rockin’ painting? Cool! We want you to blog about it. … Continue reading

I’m awful at relationships (and it’s ok)

Like Stuff

Hi there, I’m J, possibly the worst person at relationships in the world. A while back, I wrote about how modern love is a battlefield. I talked about how dating is harder than ever  because it’s actually too easy. And I figured (out loud) that finding love and relationships will never be the … Continue reading

Making a Publication on a USB Drive

Making a Publication on a USB Drive by Dylan Kinnett Contributor to the awesome website, Infinity’s Kitchen * * Publishing has become a digital process. Books, newspapers, magazines, and posters are all, for the most part, created using software before they’re printed, by machines, onto paper. The older traditions of … Continue reading

What This Blog Looks Like Now Will Shock You!

Good things take a while. Bad things arrive instantly wherever they are not wanted. Projects drag on for much longer than you ever thought possible. And I have the patience of… well, something with a lot of patience. There is a fine line between patience and stubbornness. Most times, I’m … Continue reading

A $0.99 Book to Break your Coffee Table


You say you want questions… Oh, does 101 Questions for the End of the World have them. But instead of ice-breaking, take to a party full of tipsy people, improve your love life-type questions, it’s full of deadly serious inquiries. Think Socrates meets Stephen Hawking, Plato meets Carl Sagan, and that’s kinda … Continue reading

Why I’m taking the year off from watching NFL Football

Kid FB

It’s kind of a thing. You might’ve heard of it. NFL football. The world’s most lucrative sport. Bone-crunching hits. Last-second touchdowns. An all-consuming war between twenty-two men on the gridiron. Also… Hugely addictive. Also also… A massive devourer of time. For the last 3,000 or so NFL seasons, I’ve had a … Continue reading

A Collection of Small Shadows…for FREE


Tread lightly into ancient, forbidden realms. Wander the futures of apocalyptic worlds. Know what it feels like to face the darkness alone. * Machina Obscurum contains twenty-two short tales by nine masters of fiction. Within its pages lie stories of men and monsters, of lonely souls and far-distant places. No matter what … Continue reading

A book for when all things go dark

NK Front Cover Next to Final Draft

It’s the end of an era. The final book in the Tyrants of the Dead trilogy is here. Nether Kingdom At the world’s edge, Andelusia awakens to the terrible realization that all her dreams have come to nothing. No matter that her father, the warlock, has fallen into exile. No … Continue reading

All the things I don’t understand about the world


A while back, I created a giant list of things I didn’t understand about life, society, and humanity. I felt like Jon Snow, in that I realized I knew nothing about the world or anything in it. I almost took pride in my ignorance, except not really. In my original list, … Continue reading

Convention appearance: Onyxcon Infinity 2016

comic book mask

Hi dudes and dudettes. Decided to channel my inner Ninja Turtle/ Bill & Ted lexicon there. Myself and comic book creator William Satterwhite (creator of the webcomic Stealth, regular contributor to are scheduled to appear on 8/20 from 1-7 at Onyxcon Infinity. We’ll have copies of Stealth: The Life … Continue reading

The Final Anti-Meme Friday


Welcome to the final Anti-Meme Friday. For the last two months, I’ve posted fresh new meme-hate for your entertainment.  The first meme is always pulled from Facebook or Twitter, and its logic deconstructed in the most sarcastic way possible. The second one is anti-motivational and/or funny. Because…really…that’s all a good meme should aspire to be. Enjoy this final entry! … Continue reading

A Dark Union of Thoughts and Ideas

The Little Book Front Cover

Thinkers, questioners, and science buffs, behold! The Little Book of BIIIIIIG Questions is here. It contains more than two-hundred unique conversation starters and thought igniters. It’s the book for every coffee table. It’s meant to be read in the company of others…or all alone beneath a starlit sky. We all … Continue reading

The Top Three Video Games of Every Decade


Ok. So. Let’s get this started. First, a few disclaimers: 1. This list doesn’t include sports games, indie titles, fighting games, or sandbox games. And it’s not because I don’t love those kinds of games (a few favorites are Limbo, Inside, Killer Instinct, Crackdown, and Tecmo Bowl) but more because I’m … Continue reading

For My Fellow Creators Who Stay On The Grind


I’ve been a freelance writer for 10 years. I started out working for The Atlanta Voice Newspaper back in 2006, and I’ve been able to build a pretty decent career as a “hired gunslinger” when it comes to the written word. With the guidance of awesome folks like Maurice Waters, … Continue reading