Nostradamus was wrong. The world ends TODAY…

101 Qs for the End of the World Front Cover

You heard, right? The final book in the Coffee Table Philosophy series, 101 Questions for the End of the World, is here   It has questions. Tons of questions. But instead of ice-breaking, improve your love life-type questions, it’s full of deadly serious inquiries. Think Socrates meets Stephen Hawking, Plato meets Carl … Continue reading

Fae and Unicorns and Bugs… Oh My!

Flowerchild by Sorknes |

You were with me till I mentioned bugs, right? Hear me out! These are three fun art challenges happening in June. Like #mermay and #inktober, artists will be sketching/drawing/painting daily based on one or a combination of these themes. You’ll be able to follow these hashtags on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook: … Continue reading

Movie Casting for A Door Never Dreamed Of


Not all that long ago, I dreamed up a book. And then I wrote it. And loved every moment of its creation. When it hit Amazon, the reactions were pretty much identical. “Make this into a movie,” my readers suggested. “Now!” Gosh, I’d love to, I thought. A Door Never Dreamed … Continue reading

Preparing You For the End of the World

Event Horizon

A part of me is ever optimistic. Another part of me…not so much. I’ve always hoped for more out of the universe. And what I mean by more is that I want a greater meaning. A deeper understanding. The ability to one day, even if after my own death, to … Continue reading

Interview with Author Stacy Bennett

Stacy Bennett Author Interview

You may not yet know the name Stacy Bennett, but you will. Last year I had the pleasure of reading an early version of one of her upcoming novels. The experience was thrilling–one of those instances where I couldn’t stop reading. I was wide awake in wee hours of the morning devouring every … Continue reading

Co-Author Throwdown – J & Jaylene’s Favorite Things


Today at Tessera Guild, authors J Edward Neill and Jaylene Jacobus go head-to-head in their first ever e-interview. Unlike most of our super friendly interviews, this one got a little colorful.  🙂 The blow-by-blow is right…here: * * * J EDWARD NEILL: Today’s creative interview is with Seattle author Jaylene … Continue reading

The Empire is HOLLOW


This Friday the 13th… Curl up with shadowy medieval tale, Hollow Empire – Night of Knives Once, the empire of Vhur was the world’s most powerful. But that was before the Lichy plague. Now, twenty years and millions of dead later, only a few cities remain. The survivors walk a fine … Continue reading

Books for your Brrrrrrrains!


The rumors are true… In the Coffee Table Philosophy series, you’ll find something for everyone. Girls. Guys. Party-throwers. Lonely philosophers. Optimists. Pessimists. Conversation-starters. And deep, dark thinkers. It’s all here. A book for every coffee table in the world. * 10 books. 10 different types of questions. Let’s have a … Continue reading

Why I don’t write negative reviews.


People who know me will say I’m cynical. They’ll note my lack of optimism, my occasional indifference, and my somewhat dark view of humanity’s intentions. These observations are completely my fault. I’ve worked a bit too hard to earn a ‘cold’ reputation, and now I’ve got to live with it. But… Despite this … Continue reading

101 Questions for Couples!

101 Qs for Couples Front Cover

On a road trip together. During a romantic dinner at home. Holding hands on a park bench. After twenty years of marriage. Read a few of these to the special person in your life. And thank us later. * 101 Questions for Couples The new book by J Edward Neill … Continue reading

The Agonizing Art of Writing Book Blurbs – Challenge Accepted

In the late moments of the day, when the wife and the cats have settled into sleep, I sometimes find myself struggling to come up with the next week’s blog (in between editing one novel and trying to finish up a novella at the moment). Leave it to Mr. Neill … Continue reading

50 Ways to Live a Little Differently


I’m not sayin’… …but I might be sayin‘. * * * At bars and restaurants, be the best tipper around. Selfie sticks should be used to start swordfights, not to take actual selfies with. Stairs should be climbed, not avoided. And whenever possible, take them two at a time. The first pancake is usually … Continue reading

The Hecatomb – ‘heka’tom/ – An extensive loss of life


Hecatomb – ‘heka’tom/ (noun) – An extensive loss of life for some cause. or… The name of J Edward Neill’s terrifying new novella, NOW available. From April 23rd-May 1st, The Hecatomb is on mega-deadly sale. In a drowned village, on a dark shore, in a city of white stones, an ancient evil … Continue reading

Extreme Sci-Fi – A Door Never Dreamed Of


A few days ago, a friend asked me which of my books I’d most want to make into a movie. ‘This one,” I answered. “A Door Never Dreamed Of.” It goes a little something like: A thousand years from today, nearly all of humanity is jacked-In. We sleep, connected to … Continue reading

The Midnight Circle


Announcing: The Midnight Circle A dark lovers’ tale by Jaylene Jacobus Clara Winters, a non-practicing witch, has been living the life of an old woman in the body of a twenty-two-year-old ever since fated to everlasting life in 1919. With the unexpected death of her beloved aunt, the easy life on her southern … Continue reading

The First and Last Lines of Everything I’ve ever written

Dark Moon Boobs

Just for fun, I thought I’d share the first and last sentences of all my books. Some of these will sound ridiculous when looked at side-by-side. Or…as my son likes to say…ridonkulous. Others will probably come across as ominous. Just the way I like it. Have fun! * * * Nine hundred years … Continue reading

Surprise! Two Creepy Stories!


Superior creep. Horror on a stick. The hairs on the back of your neck…rising. Yep. It just happened. I’ve released two short stories. If you’ve already read Old Man of Tessera or Let the Bodies, these two creepilicious tales will finish you off. Nice and dead-like. Introducing bite-size books The … Continue reading

The American Dream – A totally non-sarcastic essay


A few years ago, I penned a quick essay for a European friend and high-school teacher. Its purpose was to educate a class of students, few of whom had ever been to America, on the meaning of the so-called American dream. I recently stumbled across that essay. Looking back, I can hardly … Continue reading