Index of John McGuire’s Articles

Writing Related

My thoughts on the craft of writing…

Just Finish It

Time Enough For…

Slaying the Beast

My Writing Process (Blog Tour Entry)

Roleplaying for Fun and Profit

Things I Have Learned

The Biggest Fish: Smallville

Waiting for the Ending

Losing Power

The Light Bulb

Don’t Look Back

Killing Your Darlings or Editing My Over-used Words

The Agonizing Art of Writing Book Blurbs – Challenge Accepted


Behind the Comic Series

A series about comics I’ve written and the art of writing for comics…

Behind the Comic – The God That Failed

Behind the Comic – The Gilded Age

Behind the Comic – The Gilded Age 2

Behind the Comic – The Comic Strip

Behind the Comic – Misusing Time and Being Stubborn


Shorts and Stories

Occasionally I’ve posted short stories or things that might as well be fiction…

Free Short Story Time: Piece By Piece

I Should Have Paid More Attention to C. Thomas Howell

Hollow Empire – Those Initial Steps

A Long Time Ago… We Used To Be Friends…

Hollow Empire – Lessons Learned

Of Dreams and Steam… And Great Engines of Power

So What’s He Going To Buy With All That Gold?

Story Telling – Micro Bursts

Sequels That Never Were – The Crow

Brought to you by Yellow #5

And a Child Shall Lead Them…

Once Upon A Time…

Weird Journal Prompts

Celebrity Journal Entries

My Sliding Doors Story

It’s the End of the World…

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