A Thought for Every Thursday – How or Why?

Welcome to the latest installment of my new weekly series, A Thought for Every Thursday.

Every Thursday at Tessera Guild I’ll pose a question (or several) regarding a specific current event, a modern moral issue, or a philosophical conundrum. Instead of answering it myself, I’ll look to you for the resolution.

It’s all in good fun.

Here we go…

* * *

Finally, a Simple Question

In past ATFET’s, we’ve been pretty wordy.

This week we’re keeping it quick and easy.


 Given the choice, would you rather know HOW the universe works, meaning you’d understand all the hard science behind each and every interaction taking place in our existence?


Would you prefer to know WHY our universe and all the individual objects within it exist, meaning you’d grasp the purpose behind everything?

Explain your reasons.

* * *

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See you next Thursday!

J Edward Neill


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  1. Okay, besides not wishing to choose, but since you make me… The choice is simple really. I’d choose the unknowable. Science may some day discover all the hows of the universe, but not necessarily the whys. So, I’d opt for the why of it.

    Personal understanding of why is something I can obtain as a cognitive being. Though my personal beliefs may not be true. I’d rather a hard truth and learn to come to terms with reality as it really is.

    Generally, I trust in those who have studied and are great intelligent thinkers to comprehend the hows that I do not. Just as I trust my doctor to know medical advice better than random person on Facebook. So, I also feel I might not need to know all of the hows, so long as other people know and share their collective knowledge with the rest of us.

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