CONTEST! – Win a free copy of Ghosts of Saltmarsh and Limitless Adventures’ Pirate Bundle!

Sign up for Limitless Adventures’ mailing list to be entered to win a free copy of Ghosts of Saltmarsh and a copy of the Limitless Pirate Bundle. The winner will be announced on June 4th via Facebook, Twitter, and their June newsletter.

Click the image for more details!

NOTE: The Tessera Guild and its members are not affiliated with Limitless Adventures, and are not involved in this contest. 

About Egg Embry

Egg Embry wrote comic book short stories, edited comic book series, wrote and drew a webcomic, and contributed to comic book journalism across the 2000s. Now, he buys the opportunity to write for a variety of tabletop role-playing games in the tradition of vanity press.
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