Darkest Days of Summer Book Sale

You don’t want to go outside.

You’ll roast out there. It’s 4,000,000 degrees.

Your only option? Curl up beside a candle in an otherwise shadow-filled room…

…and read my epic fantasy novel, Down the Dark Path.

Which, by the way, is discounted to $0.99 (from $8.99) for the next few days.

Soul Orb New DDP Cover Second Try

Down the Dark Path – Book One of the Tyrants of the Dead trilogy
Darkest of all dark fantasy epics.
When Andelusia Anderae leaves home in search of a better life, she accidentally plunges into the world-ending war between Graehelm and Furyon. The deeper she falls, the more she senses the dark powers rising within her, and the more she realizes she is not so different than the enemy. Love might not be enough to save her, for the Furyons are all-powerful, and the shadow within her desires her more than any living man ever will.

Down the Dark Path chronicles the struggles of six individuals during the Furyon invasion of Graehelm and sets the stage for the horrific powers lurking behind the war. For even as the Furyons threaten to end all life, the true enemy, the ancient civilization of the Ur, draws nearer to rebirth.

J Edward Neill

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