Press Release: [Iron GM Games]Open Playtest Adds New ARCop Class

The ARCop
New Class Free to Download at the Grimmerspace Open Playtest!

We recently announced the Grimmerspace Open Playtest over on our forums, and we made our first two classes publicly available to download and play test for free just the other week.

Today, we’re announcing out third class, The ARCop, is on the forums, ready for you to test drive!

To maintain order and serve justice in a mega-arc, a structure so huge it houses a nation’s worth of citizens and is visible from space, requires a special brand of policing. It require an ARCop.

As an ARCop you are trained at the bleeding edge of police technology, and you are never alone. For you carry your Piece, an ARCop’s signature weapon which holds the veteran mind of a deceased ARCop.

Your Piece is your partner, mentor, friend and confidant. It is both a companion and an instrument of justice, helping you bring your brand of law to a dark and dangerous galaxy.

Owen K.C. Stephens (Design Lead for the Starfinder Core Rulebook, Development Lead for the Character Operations Manual), author of our Grimmerspace classes and races, is running the play test.

To jump in just register with the forums. See you there!

– Rone & Lou
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What is Grimmerspace?
Grimmerspace is the highly-anticipated horror setting for Starfinder, including adventures, a bestiary, and more. What happens when magic invades a sci-fi only horror galaxy? It’s bullets vs. fireballs against a backdrop of alien terrors! From Iron GM Games and co-developed by Sean Astin (LotRStranger Things) Grimmerspace is fueled by the award winning design talents of industry veterans.
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