A Thought for Every Thursday – The Great Divide

Welcome to the latest installment of my new weekly series, A Thought for Every Thursday.

Every Thursday I’ll pose a question (or several) regarding a specific current event, a modern moral issue, or a philosophical conundrum. Instead of answering it myself, I’ll look to you for the resolution.

It’s all in good fun.

Here we go…

* * *

Here at Tessera Guild, we try not to be overly political. Whenever I personally mention the word ‘politics’ or rub up against a political-sounding comment, I rarely pick sides in the discussion. To me, sides are something to be eaten with a good steak, not to align oneself with.

But what do I know?

With all the political commentary roiling around the internet these days, one of the biggest issues is the income gap. As in, the apparently huge divide between the world’s top earners and everyone else.

With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to a question I call Switching Sides.

It goes a little something like:


Switching Sides

 It’s sometimes observed that 1% of the world’s people control 99% of the world’s wealth.

If you personally happen to be in the 99%, would you prefer to be with the 1%?

Explain your reasoning why or why not.


* * *

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See you next Thursday!

J Edward Neill