Anti-Meme Fridays – Worst of the Worst

Welcome to Anti-Meme Fridays.

We’re here with some fresh new meme-hate for your entertainment.

Here’s how it works:  The first meme (or memes) are always pulled from Facebook or Twitter and will have their logic deconstructed in the most sarcastic way possible. The second meme is anti-motivational, offensive, and/or funny.

Because…really…that’s all a good meme should aspire to be.

It’s all in good fun.



Three Memes (Bad)


Holy moly…

…these are bad.

First, and as a general rule, motivational memes are absurd. Foolish. A waste of time. People don’t experience life-changing moments by reading nonsensical quotes/memes on Facebook. They need to go through some serious, real-life growth, usually driven by hard times. Right? Right.

Now as for these specific memes:

Bad Meme 1. Actually, men (and women) can be defeated. Happens every day. I’m not sure if Hemingway really wrote this one, but if he did…it’s either out of context or dumb.

Bad Meme 2. You were given this life because two people got busy and some biology happened. That’s probably the only reason. Humans (especially nowadays when Survival of the Fittest no longer applies) aren’t innately strong, smart, or skilled. These things are earned, and certainly not by everyone.

Bad Meme 3. The love in your heart…doesn’t it die when you die? Or when you decide to stop loving something? I agree with the first two sentences, but the third is silly. Love fades. People change.

And I need a Snickers.


Meme 2 (Not quite as bad)





* * *

That’s all you get today.

Past Anti-Meme Fridays.

Farewell for now.

J Edward Neill

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Anti-Meme Frydais

Welcome to Anti-Meme Fridays.

In a fruitless effort to spread my loathing of motivational memes, every Friday I’ll be posting some new meme-hate.

I’ll post two memes every week. The first one, I’ll put up an actual meme pulled from Facebook or Twitter, and I’ll deconstruct its logic in the most sarcastic way possible. For the second one, I’ll post something anti-motivational and/or funny. Because…really…that’s all a good meme should aspire to be.

Enjoy! Oh, and please be assured this is all in good fun. I’m doing this to combat the stress of writing extremely dark fiction all day long.


Meme 1 (Bad)



What if they have terminal cancer? What if their spouse just fell off a mountain? What if, god forbid, their kid just died? Or they found out they have an incurable STD? Or became homeless? Or have severe anxiety? Or effing died?

The list goes on and on. The whole commentary about life giving people lemons, life’s little speedbumps, and ‘tomorrow will be a better day’ is BS. Do unfunny, simplistic memes make anyone feel better? Other than the people who post them, the answer is no. They don’t. Ever.

Many (maybe even most) of life’s problems aren’t temporary. Yeah…sure…you have to fight through it and try to make stuff better.

But sometimes you can’t.

Stupid memes…


Meme 2 (Not quite as bad)


Violence isn’t cute, funny, or meme-worthy.

Unless it is.

* * *

That’s all I’ve got.

Past Anti-Meme Fridays are here.

Join me in destroying memes worldwide.

J Edward Neill

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