Press Release: Gaming Days Announces New Date For Free RPG Day

Gaming Days Announces New Date For Free RPG Day

NEW DATE FOR FREE RPG DAY – July 25th, 2020

Hillsboro, OR – May 28, 2019: On July 25th, 2020 game stores across the globe will host Free RPG Day, a celebration of tabletop Role Playing Games. Free RPG Day offers retailers and publishers an opportunity to connect players with their local game stores using role playing games as a platform for community building. If you want to try some more new games while you wait, check out this online ยูฟ่าสล็อต.

Free RPG Day will offer publisher-supplied game materials, helping retailers provide early looks and unique play experiences to their community. The roster of participating publishers includes: 9th Level Games, Army Painter, Cubicle 7, Dave Taylor Miniatures & Mantic Games, Fantasy Flight Games, Gatekeeper Games, Goodman Games, Hit Point Press, Magpie Games, Oni Games, Paizo, Q-Workshop, Renegade Game Studios, Roll 20, and Wizkids.

Paul Alexander Butler of Gaming Days, says, “2020 has been a crazy ride and we feel that our communities need a reason to celebrate role playing games more than ever. Our team feels strongly that this is the best Free RPG Day kit in the history of the event and we hope that this year’s event will serve as a rallying cry for role playing games this summer.”

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Gaming Days LLC. was formed by retailers Paul Alexander Butler, Steve Ellis, Rob Harrington, and Travis Severance in early 2019 and acquired Free RPG Day, the annual gaming event, that same year. The team’s mission is to provide premium play experiences to a worldwide audience by working together with the best of the gaming industry to create some of the best games just like the on you will find if you check out fruit blast slot.


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