Another Anti-Meme Friday!

Welcome to my smartass series, Anti-Meme Fridays.

In a sad, hollow effort to spread my loathing of motivational memes, every Friday I’ll be posting some new meme-hate. Forever.

I’ll post two memes every week. The first one, I’ll put up an actual meme I pulled from Facebook or Twitter, and I’ll deconstruct its logic in the most sarcastic way possible. For the second one, I’ll post something anti-motivational and/or funny. Because…really…that’s all a good meme should aspire to be.

Enjoy! Oh, and please be assured this is all in good fun. I’m doing this to combat the stress of writing extremely dark fiction all day long.


Meme 1


Perhaps the most common meme archetype to appear on Facebook and Twitter is this one. The more female friends you have, the more of these you’ll see. Look, I get that wine is awesome. I drink 300 bottles a week…minimum. Buuuuuuuuut…I’m pretty sure, as overused as the ‘I’m an Effing Wine Junkie’ meme is, this isn’t really funny or clever anymore. It’s kind of like giving up at the internet. It’s saying, “I have nothing better to post, so I’ll just admit my alcoholism to everyone. Again.”


Meme 2


The philosoraptor. If you’re gonna go crude, go all the way.


* * *

Join me in destroying motivational memes worldwide.

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