5 Little Questions for Couples :)

You probably knew this was coming.

In the wake of this and this, we just had to do a book for lovers.

So grab your partner and ask ’em to indulge you.

Here’s five little questions for couples!!

* * *

One-Word Knockouts

 Use one word to describe each of the following things:

 The way your lover kisses you

The way you feel when you see them after a long day

Where you want to take them on vacation

Where you want to live with them

What you’ll do the next time you’re alone together

Your favorite part of their personality


Robin Hood

 Suppose you could take any one thing away from your lover.

Any burden.

Any health issue.

Any bad feeling they’re stuck with.


So go ahead. Swoop in and save the day. What one thing are you taking away from them that they’ll never have to deal with again?


It’s Not What You Think. It’s Worse

 First, read these non-dictionary definitions, which are based on things women sometimes say:

Fine” – The argument is over. You lost. She won.

Nothing” – Something is wrong. You’d better guess what it is

Go ahead” – The opposite of permission. More like a dare

Whatever” – You’re in trouble. Big trouble


 Ladies: are these true?

Gentlemen: are these acceptable?



 Imagine tomorrow you and your lover wake up on a warm, sunny day.

  • You find a million dollars on the foot of your bed
  • If you have kids, they’ve graduated college and moved out
  • Your job called and said you’ve got two months of paid leave, starting immediately


Where are you two going and what are you doing there?


Hang the Moon

 Imagine you have the power to give your lover a gift.

Just one gift.

It can be anything.

Something physical.

Something emotional.

Or something completely unrealistic.

It doesn’t matter. There are no boundaries.

 What one gift do you give them?

* * *

101 Qs for Couples Front Cover

101 Questions for Couples, by Jaylene Jacobus and J Edward Neill, is now available.

Get ready to fall in love all over again.


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