A Thought for Every Thursday – Choose Your Own Adventure

This week’s A Thought for Every Thursday question continues along on our recent path of asking serious questions.

Don’t sweat it. We’ll come back to the light stuff eventually…


Choose Your Own Adventure

From the following, choose which one you hope is what happens after your death:

  • People who exhibit sufficient good in life go to a heaven of some sort, while everyone else suffers a worse fate
  • When we die, all that we are is forever lost
  • Reincarnation; either as a human again or a different animal type
  • We ascend to some higher form of consciousness, meaning we’re no longer human, but we retain some of what we once were
  • We roam as spirits either forever or for a period of time


  • And now choose which one you believe is most probably the truth.

* * *

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Until next week…

J Edward Neill

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  1. With a question like this, I think it’s interesting that you’ve separated what people hope the afterlife will be like from what they think it actually will be like. I’m going to keep my answers to myself, but it was somewhat enlightening to me that they weren’t the same thing.

  2. “When we die, all that we are is forever lost”

    I choose this adventure. But, mind me while I do my best to convince myself into believing that all that I am, is right now. 😉

    • Live in the moment, right? Because it’ll one day all be gone.

      • Yes. It’s not easy though right..? Or at least I haven’t found it so, except under circumstances, which require immediate attention/effort.

        I just watched, Ghost in the Shell. In it, was the concept that everyone thinks they’re their memories, but actually, you are what you do.

        You might be what you do… But, why do you do it?

        I love a good mystery.

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