Are you an artist, a writer, or just a badass with words to say?


Hey you.

Are you an artist? An author? A photographer? Or someone with something awesome to blog about?

Yeah. We bet you are. 🙂

We think you should know; Tessera Guild is looking for someone like you.

Did you just finish a rockin’ painting? Cool! We want you to blog about it.

Did you publish an epic novel or a smooth little short story? Nice! We want to interview you about it.

Or maybe you want a weekly platform from which to write or podcast about art, life, and the end of the world? Yeah. We can help with that.

Tessera Guild is looking to grow its readership and help fresh new artists and wordsmiths get the exposure they need. We have primary openings on Tuesdays, Fridays, and weekends.

There are no strings attached. We don’t charge any money to anyone. We’re not in this for the cash.


We’re looking for full-time contributors AND one-time interviews, blogs, and press releases.


Good. It’s easy. Just reach out to us via the comments section OR the contact link. Or send an email here.

Tessera Guild gets thousands and thousands of hits every single week, and has been for more than two years now. Seems like a no-brainer for you to join us.

See you soon,

Team Tessera


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  1. I saw a post on Facebook that you were looking for content. Well look no further. The #4thWallUniverse is full of it. Uh… Full of content that is. You can find our content by searching for @4thWallPros or #4thWallUniverse on any social media platform. We’ve recently added a patreon page to let people help us move forward creating more content. We make comics and write short stories. We’ve been creating diverse fictional characters for more than 5 years now. Please look us up and contact us if you’re interested in doing an interview or hosting our content. Thanks

  2. Also:

    Hello Teessera!

    I am a full-time writer looking to contribute, expand, and overall get a little exposure. My day job has a lot to do with food but I am trying my darnedest to get my fiction work out there. I am preparing to release my second steampunk novel and am open to interviews. Also, I am actively searching for publications to submit to. So, feel free to contact me at my provided email or @VoxVorago on twitter!

    Kin S. Law

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