Best Villain in the World Bracketology – Part 1

The best (we mean worst) villains in fiction, fantasy, gaming, television, and real-life.

Thirty-two villains will enter the challenge.

Only one will come out on top.

How it works:

Every week (for the next several weeks) Tessera Guild will publish brackets chock full of bad guys.

You choose the winners of each battle, and you put your votes in either in the comments section below or this Twitter account, or this Facebook account.

The next week, we publish the previous week’s winners and create another bracket.

Until only one villain remains.

This week?

We start with eight matchups.

For each matchup, choose your winner. You decide the criteria. Does Villain A defeat Villain B because he’d more powerful…or does Villain B win because she’s got a wayyyyyyyy better costume?


Sauron vs Bowser

The Kraken vs Darth Vader

The Grim Reaper vs The Joker

Predator vs Lord Business

Satan vs Kim Jong Un

Dracula vs Darkness

Ganon vs Terminator

Skeletor vs Mr. Burns


Tune in next Monday for more diabolical matchups!

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  1. Sauron, cause Bowser can’t even seem to keep a lowley princess from being rescued by a washed up plumber.
    Darth Vader, cause the kraken was more of a pawn than a villian.
    The joker, easily the best villian in the whole DC universe and I don’t see the grim reaper as a villian but more of a gatekeeper to the next plane of existance, whatever that is. He is a guiding had, a friend, and not to be feared but doubly respected.
    Lord buisiniess, he’s just a dick and the predator was kinda just doing his job Arnold came to his planet after all.
    Kim jong un, cause Satan only exists to those who fear him or believe in him, niether of which I do.
    Dracula, almost brought about the fall of man on more than one occasion is is just a total bad ass with the women.
    Ganon, cause….Ganon, and he wasn’t defeated by a single mom like the Terminator, just saying, if you can’t take 1 soccer mom you ain’t shit.
    Skeletor, no contest here he is just awesome. Mr Burns is a wrinkled old man and couldn’t do anything to anyone alone in a room with him.

    But hey, that’s all just my opinions, who gives a shit….lol

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