New Cinematic Scenario and Starter Set for the ALIEN RPG Officially Launched

Destroyer of Worlds is Here

New Cinematic Scenario and Starter Set for the ALIEN RPG


We have officially released the Destroyer of Worlds cinematic adventure module and a new Starter Set for the ALIEN RPG. Having just won a Gold ENNIE Award for Best Game and a People’s Choice Award for Best RPG at the UK Games Expo, the official ALIEN RPG today got its first two expansions to the line. Both modules are as of now available in the our ​webshop, in digital format at ​DrivethruRPG, and soon in hobby stores everywhere.

Pre-Order? All pre-orders of the modules in our webshop are being packed as we speak and will shortly be shipped from our warehouses in the US and the UK. Just hang in there!

Destroyer of Worlds is a complete Cinematic scenario, written by sci-fi novelist Andrew E.C. Gaska just like the previous Chariot of the Gods. In Destroyer of Worlds, you take the roles of Colonial Marines as seen in ALIENS (1986). The scenario is designed for 3–5 players plus the Game Mother, and it’s a gauntlet of one hell after another. Expect it to take three sessions to complete. This boxed set contains:
*The main Destroyer of Worlds scenario book
*A huge double-sided map (format 864x558mm) of the Ariaricus moon colony on one side and the Fort Nebraska space elevator ground base on the other
*Seven pre-generated characters to play
*Custom cards for weapons, vehicles, and personal agendas
*Player maps and handouts
The boxed Starter Set is designed to be the perfect entry point into the game and the ALIEN universe. It contains everything needed to start playing:
*A 104-page condensed rulebook
*The 48-page complete Cinematic scenario Chariot of the Gods by Andrew E.C. Gaska
*Five pre-generated characters to play
*A huge full-color, double-sided map (format 864x558mm), with one side depicting chartered space in the year 2183 and the other floor plans for the Chariot of the Gods scenario
*84 game markers for keeping track of characters, motion tracker pings, and more
*56 high quality custom cards for weapons, personal agendas, and initiative in combat
*A set each of ten engraved Base Dice and ten Stress Dice, designed specifically for the ALIEN roleplaying game

The 392-page core rulebook for the official ALIEN roleplaying game was released in December 2019. The game immediately sold out its first print run and swiftly entered the Top-5 list of best-selling tabletop RPGs in the fall of 2019. The game is currently being translated into seven languages.


“Move over, Dungeons & Dragons, Swedish publisher Free League has released Alien: The Roleplaying Game, and it is as great as it is terrifying.”
–The Gamer

“Free League Publishing has knocked it out of the orbit. It’s an interstellar masterpiece that honors the Alien legacy and builds on the stories that made the series great. It’s a sci-fi adventure that roleplaying fans will surely love, and it’s an accessible system for anyone interested in a good story and a rollicking good time.”

“The real horror of Ridley Scott’s seminal sci-fi flick Alien has always been the creeping, slithering fear of the unknown. It’s impressive, then, that Free League has been able to craft a tabletop roleplaying game that can conjure up that same pitch-dark dread from the safety of your kitchen table.”


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