PRESS RELEASE: Hurricane Dorian Charity Bundle Live on DrivethruRPG

Hurricane Dorian Charity Bundle is now live on DrivethruRPG and will run through 9/30. It features over $200 of RPG PDFs for just $25. All proceeds from this product will go to the Red Cross’ Hurricane Dorian relief efforts in the US and Bahamas.

The bundle has a wide array of products including games from Steve Kenson’s ICONS, Jeff Dee’s Mighty Protectors, Eric Bloat’s The Zombie Hack, several OSR and 5e releases, multiple Savage Worlds products and many, many others.

Please pick up the bundle if you can and help spread the word on social media.

The American Red Cross has committed an initial $2 million to support those affected in the Bahamas by Dorian, and is also helping evacuees arriving in the U.S.

The Red Cross is also working in close coordination with their partners at Palm Beach County Emergency Management to provide shelter in West Palm Beach, Florida for evacuees arriving from the Bahamas. In addition to offering safe haven as evacuees plan their next steps, the Red Cross will provide food, water, hygiene items, health services and emotional support. Volunteers will also help reconnect families and provide referrals to those in need with the generous support available through community resources.


Hurricane Dorian Charity Bundle

30 PDFs ($226.87 worth of products) for $25.00! At DriveThruRPG through 9/30!

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