Kzmatic’s Keep is a single 5E DnD adventure set in a new fantasy world called Novus. 

Characters from any campaign setting can enjoy it, however, with a the story hook that brings the adventurers into a magical keep controlled by a powerful lich.

The world was created for a fantasy adventure boardgame, of the same name, and is now being used to design a DnD adventure campaign with.

The game, and this module, will feature some amazing new fantasy artwork, visually stylish character sheets, puzzling situations for the players, and challenging encounters to fight through.

The adventure pack, only $3.75 USD and available on Kickstarter until Dec 27th, includes:

  • A 40 page illustrated Adventure, complete with DM notes, room and encounter descriptions, suggested narrative for NPCs, and Creature statistics.
  • Overhead map of the Keep, and each of the chambers within.
  • Printable Handouts for players, used to solve puzzles.
  • Poker sized Magical Item cards that can be handed to the players.

A deluxe version is available for a bit more, which adds in the unique, fully illustrated character sheets and a special set of images to use on your DM screen during the adventure.

Learn about this, and much more, at the Kickstarter page:

If you want to learn more about the world, and the characters, then visit the website created just for this setting:


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