PRESS RELEASE: More Bureau 13 Redacted Information Released, Kickstarter Video preview, and Monsters Galore!

More Bureau 13 Redacted Information Released, Kickstarter Video preview, and Monsters Galore!

Oak Park Michigan: 08.27.2019: Tri Tac Legacy (TTL)

Tri Tac Legacy and Longshot Productions would like to thank you, the media, for coverage of Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic Savage Worlds Edition over the last year. TTL’s and LSP’s David Boop appeared on Dave Bara’s Out on the Edge podcast on 08/21/91. He will next appear on Trae Dorn and Nick Izumi’s Nerd & Tie podcast on 08/28/19 [see links below].

As Friday September 13th approaches, fans of Bureau 13 and Savage Worlds soon will be treated to the Kickstarter page. One surprises will be the Bureau 13 Kickstarter video which features the voices of Meghan Caves and Tyler Rhoades of Saving Throw playing Bureau Agents. Meghan and Tyler were a big hit during the “Bureau 13 – The Thing from Walnut Creek” episode. The video will also showcase two-minutes of amazing art from the sourcebook.

Featured art will include classic B13 creatures like the Russian Bolotnik, the demonic Black Car, and Mad Gasser of Mattoon alongside some of the newly evolved monsters like the Pili Mara, the Chihauhaucabras, and the Fat-Bottomed Ghouls.  Additionally, fan favorite characters like Robert Harrison, McMasters Marauders, and Nicola Tesla will have amazing scenes from interior artist Michelle Joy Montrose.

TTL reveals the redacted ritual replacement components from last week’s press release including a Yeti Costume [must’ve been worn], an unopened MickyD’s Szechuan Dipping Sauce Packet, and a fork once used by Martin Scorsese to eat spaghetti. Congrats to those clever agents who figured it out!

Longshot Productions’ David Boop on On the Edge Podcast

Longshot Productions’ David Boop on Nerd & Tie

The Nerd & Tie Podcast

Saving Throw episode “Bureau 13: The Thing from Walnut Creek.”

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