PRESS RELEASE – Mutant: Elysium – The end of the world as you know it

Free League Publishing

Mutant: Elysium – The end of the world as you know it.

Free League Publishing – Nov 13, 2018 13:35 GMT
Get ready for the end of the world as you know it! One week from today, on Tuesday the 20th of November, Free League Publishing will launch the Kickstarter for MUTANT: ELYSIUM, the third and final major expansion to the award-winning Mutant: Year Zero RPG.
MUTANT: ELYSIUM, with art by acclaimed sci-fi artists Simon Stålenhag and Reine Rosenberg, completes the Mutant: Year Zero quadrilogy of roleplaying games telling the full story of the postapocalyptic MUTANT universe.
MUTANT: ELYSIUM, fully playable as a standalone game, tells the story of the final survivors of the end of the word. In the huge underground enclave Elysium I, four powerful Houses struggle for supremacy, oblivious to the looming threat that could bring humanity’s last bastion on Earth to its final downfall.
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About Mutant: Year Zero
Awarded a Silver ENnie for Best Rules.
“Mutant: Year Zero is an exceptional roleplaying game, and if you’re the least interested in this kind of entertainment you should buy it immediately.” -The Piruett sf and fantasy blog
“A better and more stylish balancing act between nostalgia and innovation the Swedish RPG scene hasn’t seen in a very long time.” -The Boningen gaming blog
“This RPG is f***ing great and I recommend it to new gamers and veterans alike. Giving this game anything but the highest grade would be insane.” -The Kryokinesi gaming blog
“The rules support and create campaign play. Intrigues start, threats arise, opportunities and challenges appear, without the GM having to make it all up.” – The Fenix gaming magazine
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