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REDMOND, WASHINGTON (March 6, 2019): After years of development and feedback from more than 125,000 players, Paizo Inc. has announced the August 1 launch of the second edition of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! showcases the full slate of launch titles, including the Core Rulebook, Bestiary, Lost Omens World Guide, the standalone adventure The Fall of Plaguestone, and the first of the new-six volume Age of Ashes Pathfinder Adventure Path: Hellknight Hill. It also presents the all-new Pathfinder Flip-Mat: The Fall of Plaguestone, Character Sheet Pack, GM Screen, Combat Pad, and Condition Card Deck Pathfinder accessories.

Paizo Publisher Erik Mona said, “The launch slate provides everything you need to set out on a world of limitless fantasy adventure. With more than 20 years of active development and playtest feedback from more than 125,000 gamers, the new Pathfinder rules are easy to learn and exciting to master. We can’t wait to see the diverse and deeply customized characters the RPG community will create!”


Product Details:

Pathfinder Core Rulebook

By Logan Bonner, Jason Bulmahn, Stephen Radney-MacFarland, and Mark Seifter

Hardcover: $59.99

Deluxe Hardcover: $79.99


Pathfinder Bestiary

By Paizo Staff

Hardcover: $49.99

Deluxe Hardcover: $69.99


Pathfinder Lost Omens World Guide

By Tanya DePass, James Jacobs, Lyz Liddell, Ron Lundeen, Liane Merciel, Erik Mona, Mark Seifter, and James L. Sutter

Hardcover: $36.99


Pathfinder Adventure Path: Hellknight Hill (Age of Ashes 1 of 6)

By Amanda Hamon

Softcover: $24.99


Pathfinder Adventure: The Fall of Plaguestone

By Jason Bulmahn

Softcover: $22.99


Pathfinder Flip-Mat: The Fall of Plaguestone

By Jason A. Engle and Jason Bulmahn


Pathfinder: Character Sheet Pack

By Sarah Robinson and Logan Bonner



Pathfinder: GM Screen

By Ekaterina Burmak and Paizo Staff

Widescreen Edition: $19.99

By Wayne Reynolds and Paizo Staff

Portrait Edition: $19.99 ( exclusive)


Pathfinder: Combat Pad

By Paizo Staff



Pathfinder: Condition Card Deck

By Paizo Staff



A full description of all Pathfinder Second Edition launch products can be found at Paizo will reveal the September lineup in a few weeks, so make sure to bookmark the site. Follow their live Twitch streams at for the latest news.


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