Press Release: Tales of Arcana® 5E Race Guide Coming to Kickstarter!

The Tales of Arcana® 5E Race Guide features over 200 5E playable races for use as player or non-player characters in your 5E (5th Edition) campaigns. The majority of these races were designed by Chris S. Sims, one of the original 5E rules designers. The Kickstarter is live Monday March 2nd, 2020. Play as classic races like humans, elves, and dwarves as well as new and unique races such as elementals, vampires, ghosts, toons, and robots. Each race entry has a full color male and female illustration with artist credit on the page where the artwork appears. The guide also contains flying mechanics that don’t restrict class options and instructions on how to modify races to create your own variant races.

About Egg Embry

Egg Embry wrote comic book short stories, edited comic book series, wrote and drew a webcomic, and contributed to comic book journalism across the 2000s. Now, he buys the opportunity to write for a variety of tabletop role-playing games in the tradition of vanity press. NOTE: Articles may includes affiliate links. As a DriveThruRPG Affiliate/Amazon Associate/Humble Partner I earn from qualifying purchases.
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