Stone of Knowing – Part 3

Stone of Knowing WIP 1/23

Last Thursday I’d only just begun painting the base layers for Stone of Knowing. The painting isn’t finished but it is moving steadily toward that line in the sand. Along the way, I decided a few changes had to be made. The more I looked at it, the more discontent I became with the orientation. So I switched back to Plan A with some minor adjustments. I also decided to completely ditch the background I originally envisioned. This happens. Often times the vision is clear from start to finish; while in others it’s more a journey of discovery.

Watch closely for the changes below…

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A question I’m often asked is whether something I’m working on is digital or traditional. I love this question. If it’s not obvious then I feel I’ve accomplished something special and I’ve furthered the idea that it doesn’t matter! Digital or Traditional–it’s all art. If you’ve been following this series of posts then you know, this piece is a combination of both digital and traditional. To further confuse people I often use brushes that mimic traditional brushes. Below are the main brushes (95%) I’m using for this painting:


Sometimes I’ll incorporate other brushes for textured backgrounds or small details. These are my actual strokes:


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