PRESS RELEASE: ATLAS GAMES – Help Your Local Game Store (and Play New Games)

Support Your Local Game Store

Everyone is affected by the current global health crisis. While we at Atlas Games are focused on flattening the curve (including remote and separate work, to the tune of one person per building), we also remain committed to our retail partners. That’s why we launched the Friendly Local Game Drop program last week.

The Friendly Local Game Drop program allows you to support your local store — or one somewhere across the United States — during this time of economic uncertainty and closures.

It’s simple:

1. Order an Atlas Games product from your store of choice. (View our most popular games here.)
2. Pay the store for the game, just like you would normally.
3. We ship the game to you directly from our warehouse. If you live in the lower 48 US states, shipping is free.

See Participating Stores

Currently, Friendly Local Game Drop has been rolled out to stores in the lower 48 US states. Living somewhere else? Have your local store email us and we’ll discuss ways we can include them too.

Thank you for supporting small businesses during this global health crisis!

Cogs and Commissars Nominated for Origins Award

Cogs and Commissars, our card game of glorious robot revolution, has been nominated for an Origins award. Don’t be fooled by other games of communist robot propaganda; this one is the real deal!

Order it through Friendly Local Game Drop or from us directly and we’ll include a playable promo bookmark with your purchase.

Game Development Update: Dice Miner

Development on our May Kickstarter game, Dice Miner, continues! Our video team is building our Kickstarter video and artist Grzegorz Pedrycz continues on game art.

This is the prototype for the punchboard mountain, which will be included in the basic edition of the game. (The deluxe version includes a 3D plastic mountain.)

Interested in learning more about Dice Miner? Check out our pre-launch page and sign up for a notification when we go live on May 5th.