Mystery at Millwarren – An Interview with Scott Fitzgerald Gray (Insane Angel Studios)

In early 2018, I interviewed Scott Fitzgerald Gray about The Hidden Halls of Hazakor from Insane Angel Studios on the Open Gaming Network (here). Now he has a new project on Kickstarter, Mystery at Millwarren, and we did a short interview about it. 

EGG EMBRY (EGG): What’s the pitch for your new project, Mystery at Millwarren?  

SCOTT FITZGERALD GRAY (SFG): Mystery at Millwarren is a 5th-level D&D adventure for new, young DMs (age 12 and up or so), and a standalone sequel to last year’s young-DM starter adventure, The Hidden Halls of Hazakor. Written by me; illustrated by the amazing Jackie Musto.


EGGWhat system are you using, and why is it the right one for this game?  
SFG: Fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons, because it’s an especially good gateway RPG for young players.

EGGWhat is the reward that is the best value?  
SFG: The All-Around Adventurer (combo PDF/print book) is a good deal; but for people whose budget it fits, getting original art from Jackie Musto as part of the Eternal Hero tier is pretty sweet. (And those sold out pretty quickly last time…)


EGGAssuming there are stretch goals, which one are you most excited about?  
SFG: All of the one-shot adventures will be pretty cool, because I have some awesome writers lined up if we reach that level.


EGGWhat other projects have you worked on?  

SFG: In addition to The Hidden Halls of Hazakor, Ive been privileged to have been working on D&D as a freelancer for Wizards of the Coast for over 15 years now, from the three core rulebooks to the Acquisitions Incorporated book, to a bunch of stuff people will hear about in coming months that I cant talk about yet. 


EGGWhere can fans learn more about you and your project?  

Mystery at Millwarren from Insane Angel Studios

End Date: Fri, November 29 2019 12:00 PM EST.

“An RPG adventure for new Dungeon Masters and 5th-level characters — Written for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons




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