Press Release: We Die Here

The small town of Heart sits amid mountains and ancient pine forests. It remains a lumber town to this day, even if ecological laws stifle the mill to near bankruptcy – the local mines already went belly up. A small landing strip ferries rich people to the nearby Pine View Hotel, or to the Clearbrook sanatorium to recuperate in the fresh mountain air.

An alien entity hailing from beyond the stars crashed in this place, which would later be Hearth, long before the first humans walked the land. It still remains, slipping into dreams as it dies – and its dreams reshape Hearth into its nightmarish home. Now, this eldritch being requires six sacrifices to enter the Dreamland – and remain there forever.

We Die Here is the upcoming indie game from Steffie de Vaan, freelance author and developer for gamelines such as Vampire the Masquerade Twentieth Anniversary Edition and Fifth Edition, Changeling the Lost Second Edition, and the upcoming Legendlore RPG. It releases this Friday, through the combined Patreon of Steffie and Elizabeth Chaipraditkul at, if you pledge $5 or more. 

We Die Here is a toolbox game, exploring the claustrophobia of living in a small, isolated town. The game comes with a free mini-scenario set in the fictional town of Hearth, and We Die Here helps gaming groups to come up with their own sleepy, creepy places. The game draws wider inspiration from Twin Peaks, Stephen King’s It, and Netflix’ Dark, where the town is as much a character in the story as its inhabitants. 


Every character, including the town and its inhabitants, is governed by a Need, a Want, and a Secret. A Need is something they have and cannot bear to lose, a Want is something they do not currently possess but would give anything to, and a Secret is something dark and best kept hidden. Only the Town has an extra trait, named You Cannot Leave Because – this is the way by which it traps its inhabitants. The game uses these traits, and the resulting social and psychological conflicts, to resolve in-game actions.

In a twist on most horror games, We Die Here does not support traditional combat – characters can’t defeat monsters by simply hitting them. Instead, they need to be resourceful and clever, and know when to cut their losses and run. The game’s easy D6-based mechanics have a high lethality to further support the sensation of being trapped. The town won’t let them leave, the monster is coming – and they might die here. 

We Die Here goes out to Patrons supporting $5 or more on this Friday. 

PRESS RELEASE – One Page Adventure For DnD!

I have just launched a Patreon for my One Page Adventures (which you may have seen posted on EN World [The Business of Emotion, or Croaking Sirocco], Twitter, or elsewhere). I will be creating one or two one-page adventures for DnD each month. These are adventures designed for one session of play, each being a standalone adventure with its own theme. Each adventure is contained on a single side of one A4/letter-size sheet of paper, and is available for download in PDF format. These will be available for free, but I really appreciate your contributions, as each takes many hours to put together, and so patrons will get them earlier.


My name is Morrus, and I run the RPG news website EN World. I also have a weekly podcast called Morrus’ Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk, and I am the co-founder of the ENnies. I also do loads of other stuff! 


You’ll get one, sometimes two, one-page adventures per month. I will be releasing these for free online in PDF format.

One-page adventures are short and to the point. As an exercise in writing economy, they are distilled down to the very basics. Monsters and NPCs always use standard stat blocks references in bold (the usual 5E style), and area descriptions are kept to the bare minimum. For example, Two-Lips’ farm in the first adventure, The Business of Emotion, is described thusly: “Flower fields and a small farmhouse. TWO-LIPS, a gnome noble, directs a crew of six gnome commoners.”


That’s up to you! Patreon is a “pay-what-you-want” subscription model. YOU decide what these are worth to you. I have suggested a couple of amounts – $1 and $5 – which should suit a range of budgets. But it’s your decision. What’s a one-page adventure worth? I would say, though, that a cup of coffee costs between $3 and $6 depending where you are in the world, and each of these takes me many hours to make!

And don’t forget, if you change your mind, you can cancel at any time. There’s no obligation!


Some of these adventures are converted from longer adventures I have commissioned from other writers elsewhere (you can see the original creator of each at the bottom of the adventure), while others I will write myself. The layout is my own work, as is the conversion and distillation.


Of course you can! Just scroll down and you’ll see links to the first two One Page Adventure. You can grab it for free, but I would really appreciate your support! If you like these, please do become a patron. You can pay what you want – every bit helps. 

Examples on EN World: The Business of Emotion, or Croaking Sirocco.

Over on the Patreon there are already two adventures posted! Go grab ’em! And if you like them, please consider becoming a patron!

Creating for the Future

Creating for the future, or the long-term, is what I’m doing right now. I recently finished a large commission and I won’t be taking anymore for at least a year. That’s kind of scary! Commissions have not made me rich, but they have been a nice cushion. So why on earth would I do this? I’m thinking about the future. I have a list of paintings I want to create and while I love the commissions I’ve tackled they aren’t MY creative vision. I’m also in dire need a cohesive portfolio, one that represents ME, for next year’s DragonCon jury process.

The last few years have been a journey to reinvent myself, my art, and find my true passion. I feel I’ve finally breached a wall in my psyche and now I want to create art where my vision and heart collide. That first glimpse over the wall was of course, Renascentia, which is also quite apropos since the name means rebirth in Latin.

Renascentia by Amanda Makepeace

If you want to follow me over the wall and pitch in $1 a month, take a look at my campaign on Patreon. Seriously. I’m only asking for $1 a month. Crazy!! But that $1 will add up and you’ll get an inside look at my creative process and a nifty little reward each month too. I’ll be sharing sketches, progress shots, tips and how’s to articles and videos on a weekly basis. Basically, double what I share on Instagram. Patrons will also get to see the creation of my next sketchbook volume before anyone else.

My Patreon campaign will help keep me accountable, keep me pushing ahead with the art I need and want to create over the next six months. If it does well, then it will also help me with funds for art supplies and maybe further down the line, funds for more conventions. I hope you’ll consider pitching in $1.00 a month while I go crazy making art!

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