Media Release: New to Roll20 – Dead Light and Other Dark Turns

The Call of Cthulhu release Dead Light and Other Dark Turns is now available on Roll20!

Two unsettling encounters on the road…

Dead Light and Other Dark Turns contains two scenarios for Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition dealing with the theme of roadside adventure, along with six story seeds for the Keeper to expand and develop.


Dead Light – In the classic Dead Light scenario, now revised, a chance encounter with a distressed young woman leads the investigators into the hideous aftermath of a crime gone terribly wrong.

Saturnine Chalice – In the brand-new Saturnine Chalice scenario, seeking help from a nearby homeowner after their vehicle runs out of gas traps the investigators in a house where nothing is quite what it seems.

Roll20 enhancements include :

  • All maps, handouts, art, and character sheets fully integrated and ready for the virtual tabletop.
  • Maps with GM layer information and dynamic lighting support (requires plus / pro subscription).
  • Dead Light Module (2-5 investigators plus Keeper)
  • Saturnine Chalice Module (2-5 investigators plus Keeper)
  • Scenario Seeds Addon (6 scenario seeds to help create your own scenarios)

What the Critics say about Dead Light and Other Dark Turns

“A strong, lean collection that provides a lot of high-quality playtime… a definite recommendation for keepers and players across the spectrum of experience.”
— Never Read the Latin, Review – Dead Light and Other Dark Turns.
“STYLE 5, SUBSTANCE 5 – Saturnine Chalice… is one of the best adventures of this length ever written for Call of Cthulhu, and a new favourite to pull on unsuspecting players, especially new ones… The plot will make jaws drop. It is sinister, it is devious, it is complex, it is evil. Dead Light is better than the first time, the six adventure hooks offer interesting ideas, both formulaic and exotic, and… what more does an adventure collection need to do anyway?”
— Antonios S., RPGNet Review – Dead Light and Other Dark Turns.

Play Call of Cthulhu with Roll20!

Throughout 2021 we’ll be adding more Call of Cthulhu releases to Roll20 on a regular basis. Other current titles include:

For useful tips and advice about playing Call of Cthulhu and other Chaosium games online, see our helpful Getting Started with Online Gaming guide.

PRESS RELEASE: Andrews McMeel Publishing Signs Exclusive Licensing Deal to Distribute ZWEIHÄNDER RPG Content via Roll20

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Andrews McMeel Publishing Signs Exclusive Licensing Deal

to Distribute ZWEIHÄNDER RPG Content via Roll20


Kansas City, MO (May 21, 2020) —Andrews McMeel Publishing (AMP) has signed a licensing deal to distribute ZWEIHÄNDER RPG content via Roll20, effective May 21, 2020. Roll20’s Virtual Table Top (VTT) will be the exclusive virtual tabletop for all ZWEIHÄNDER and Powered by ZWEIHÄNDER d100 tabletop role-playing games.

In addition, AMP has released the ZWEIHÄNDER RPG Player’s Handbook in Roll20 Compendium format, playable here now. With ZWEIHÄNDER RPG, gamers are able to create grim characters, write perilous adventures, and build their own low fantasy & dark fantasy campaigns. The ZWEIHÄNDER RPG can be found on the Roll20 Marketplace here. AMP will also develop and support future ZWEIHÄNDER RPG supplements and a variety of yet-to-be published tabletop role-playing games on the Roll20 Marketplace.


“One of the key challenges modern audiences face is which virtual tabletop (VTT) to use when playing tabletop RPGs online,” said Daniel Fox, AMP’s Executive Creative Director, Games. “While other VTTs have their own unique advantages, the intuitiveness, flexibility, and user-friendly interface that Roll20 offers simply can’t be beat. The release of the ZWEIHÄNDER RPG Compendium is a perfect complement to the Roll20 Spotlight program. The future of VTT gameplay rests in Roll20’s capable hands, and I am excited for our partnership with them.”

“ZWEIHÄNDER is a great game that calls back to the classic tabletop RPG feel and crunch, while also having the design sense for a modern audience,” said Trivia Fox, Roll20 Licensing Director.

“We have watched continued growth of ZWEIHÄNDER on the Roll20 virtual tabletop and are honored to be the exclusive place to play ZWEIHÄNDER online. We look forward to continuing a partnership with both Daniel and Andrews McMeel as the ZWEIHÄNDER series grows and develops.”


Celebrated as Best Game and Product of the Year at Gen Con, ZWEIHÄNDER RPG is a dark fantasy tabletop role-playing game. Using an intuitive D100 system and modern design principles, it’s easy for Dungeons & Dragons and tabletop RPG fans to learn and play. ZWEIHÄNDER also offers enough crunch to satisfy veteran gamers, making a dynamic alternative to craft your own dark fantasy campaigns. Using its unique profession-based system, you’ll create grim & perilous characters unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

About Andrews McMeel Publishing:
Andrews McMeel Publishing is a division of Andrews McMeel Universal, a global, independent and integrated media partner to creators of inspirational content, comics, and illustrated humor. It distributes creator content through global syndication; book, calendar and greeting card publishing; digital consumer experiences; and entertainment licensing.  For more information, please visit

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