Five Questions to Ask Your Tarot Cards

Five Questions to Ask Your Tarot Deck


Caffeine for the Soul


Perhaps there’s something you love to do.

This activity, this place, or this recurring moment in your life is special to you.

You know it…way deep down.


You may have found yourself drifting away from it.

You’ve been too busy. Or possibly distracted.

And now, with your cards in hand, you’ve decided to get back to what’s important.

So ask your cards:

“How can I revitalize myself and get back to doing what I love?”



Recipe for a Better Life


It may be that you already possess all the ingredients in life required for you to be happy.

You might have all the skills, the knowledge, the passion, and the people you need.

But it could be you haven’t yet arranged these things in such a way as to bring you great contentment.

Focus on all the things you currently have in life, and on the things you know you are capable of doing.

Now ask the cards:

“To be happy, how should I put it all together?”





It’s hard sometimes to know who’s okay and who’s hurting.

The signs are never the same.

Perhaps there’s someone in your life – a friend, a coworker, or a family member who is in need of your help.

Maybe there’s someone who needs more…

…from you.

And maybe they’re not able to express it by themselves.

With an open mind, and with concentration on those who are closest to you, ask the cards whether there might be someone who needs you, and furthermore what you can do to help them.



The Unicorn


To some extent, nearly everyone idealizes things in their life.

We idealize situations.

And we idealize people.

If you’re in a relationship, whether brand new or well-developed, and you’re guilty of idealizing your mate (in other words, you regard them as perfect or better than in reality) you may find yourself needing to temper future expectations.

With a focus on your own perceptions and how they contrast with what you’re really experiencing in love, ask your cards:

“How can I stop idealizing romance and appreciate it for how it truly is?”



Single Card Pull


Starting simply, you’d like to know the energy of one single day in your life. You want the vibe, the atmosphere, the general feel of 24-hours of ups and down.

Ask the deck, pull one card, and read today’s feel intuitively.


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