PRESS RELEASE: Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters (D&D 5e) on Kickstarter

  • Hardcover D&D 5E book
  • Spiritual successor to Deities & Demigods
  • Foreword by Jim Ward
  • 100 mythological figures, 30 mythical artifacts

Achilles. Lancelot. Robin Hood. Thor. Heroes, all.

The world is full of myths and legends which inspired those in our modern fiction and games. Iconic warriors and wizards, vampires and things from the deep, epic figures from history, these legends are universally known.

Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters delves into these paragons of literature, fable, and folklore. From Ancient Greece to Victorian England, deepest Transylvania to the High Seas, you’ll meet champions and thieves, pirates and knights, demigods and fey queens, ancient evils and urban legends. Archetypal heroes meet exemplars of villainy like Blackbeard, Rasputin, Dracula – even Lucifer, the Lord of Hell!

From Mike Myler’s popular by-request column on EN World, this 230-page epic compilation of over 100 legendary heroes, villains, and monsters brings these characters to life for the 5th Edition of the world’s oldest roleplaying game.

Plus a foreword from James M. Ward, author of the original Deities & Demigods!

Brought to you by game designer Mike Myler (Vast Kaviya, Hypercorps 2099) and industry veteran Russ ‘Morrus’ Morrissey (ENnies creator, EN World, What’s OLD is NEW, Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD).

This 230-page full-colour hardcover contains over one hundred stat blocks drawn from myths, legends, and history all across the world, each beautifully illustrated with full descriptions and designer’s notes, with Challenge ratings from 1 to 35 (well, we had to include Lucifer, Cthulhu, and Fenrir!)

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