The Darkest Art Prints Ever

Whenever I’m not writing dark fantasy novels, philosophy books, or sci-fi books, I’m painting.

Acrylics. Giant canvasses. Spooky, surreal art.

The original paintings are for sale here.

But for those who want affordable prints, framed art, canvasses, and tapestries of my work, I’m selling them on the amazing art site, Society6. It’s a pretty awesome place. You should go there. Now.

Some of my most popular prints appear below. Click ’em to check ’em out. Also important, you can choose from several different sizes and formats for each one. Don’t be shy. Get as many as you want.

Last Autumn 4 Ghostscape Ghost Tree2 Pale Swamp

Ocean-6-300x221 The-Abyss-300x237

To look at ALL my available Society6 art prints, click HERE.


J Edward Neill

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