PRESS RELEASE – Modern Adventures for Pathfinder Kickstarter is Live

Higher Grounds Publishing, LLC
Ray Machuga, Owner
Frisco, TX 75033
(214) 592-5753

August 19, 2017 – Higher Grounds released their newest tabletop gem! Modern Adventures is a Pathfinder-compatible game set in modern-day Earth. Modern Adventures brings the full feel of a Pathfinder game into the modern era. You’ll get everything you expect from a modern setting including computer hacking, firearms, vehicles and aircraft. You’ll also get all of the races such as elves, dwarves and gnomes in addition to some new, never-before-seen races available for play. Modern Adventures combines everything awesome about a fantasy game with the gritty, realistic feel of modern era play.

Pathfinder: Modern Adventures includes:

  • A new, unique magic and spellcasting system. No more spell per day slots!
  • All the races you’ve come to love in your Pathfinder games.
  • New races including half-gnomes, city elves and the insect-like Acaroi.
  • Story oriented play style with gritty, real-world themes.
  • Completely revised class system, including new classes like Shaman and Mage.
  • Powerful new spells for spell casters to sling at their enemies.


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