On August 13th this year, Archon Studio will bring a brand new plastic terrain system to Kickstarter. The terrain system will be compatible with a large array of popular tabletop RPG games.

Currently, on the tabletop market, there are no RPG terrain systems, as a vast majority of those are designed for wargaming, „not pen and paper” gaming.

To create the perfect dungeon, RPG fans often had to draw them on a piece of paper, handcraft it by themselves or even buy 3d printed elements from 3rd parties.

Archon Studio provides an easy to use, hard-plastic walls and floors, which can be assembled without a drop of glue and allow players to quickly and efficiently create their fantasy environments.

Dungeons&Lasers is designed with two major design themes in mind: fantasy dungeons and sci-fi modern environments.

As a bonus, each set will feature unique animal companions. These are miniatures stylized for either fantasy sets or sci-fi areas featuring cats, dogs, weasels and more.

The system is created with popular RPG games in mind, this is scale is 28/32mm compatible and floors are featuring a visible grid of 25mm/1 inch squares.

Thanks to proper dimensions, Dungeons&Lasers can be used with Dungeons&Dragons, Starfinder, Pathfinder and many more tabletop games.

“We have previously created plastic terrain for wargamers. Among them, there are many fans who have asked us about something for RPG games. So we have designed our first dungeon since our childhood – says Michal Hartlinski, Project manager from Archon Studio.

“The aim of the game is to make it multi-purpose – there are also sci-fi fans out there, who have an especially hard time getting terrain for their games. This is where Dungeons&Lasers come into play”.

The campaign starts on August 13th on the Kickstarter platform.

The Kickstarter edition will feature plenty of bonuses, available only during the campaign – to get notified on launch subscribe on

Archon Studio is an EU based company, with 7 Kickstarters campaigns already funded, registered, 1 and it’s located in Pila, Poland.

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