PRESS RELEASE: Lightning War RPG Coming to Kickstarter November 5th

Ben Sandfelder is thrilled to announce that Lightning War will be launching on Kickstarter November 5th. The game is set in a high fantasy world threatened by a reincarnating Dark Lord. When three of the world’s most powerful nations are swayed towards fascism and evil, everyday people are thrown into the front lines of a conflict that will change the world forever.

The game plays like a dramatic tabletop RPG version of X-COM. Each player controls a small team of soldiers – a unique specialist and two helpful grunts. The players’ teams form a single squad, which must work together to complete dangerous missions created by the game master. Every life-or-death decision becomes a chance for heated roleplay. Your squad’s hotshot Arcanist wants to rescue the wounded scout, but can the officer afford to take that risk?

It’s time to stop the Dark Lord’s forces in their tracks. Back Lightning War on Kickstarter on November 5th.




You can learn more about Ben on his professional website.

For more information about Lightning War, check out the Kickstarter page.

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