PRESS RELEASE – Lunar Games’ Tome of Spirits Kickstarter Coming Soon!

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIALunar Games has announced the release of the Tome of Spirits, its first major supplement to the Endless Realms tabletop roleplaying game.  In Endless Realms, players take on the role of a character with fantastic abilities and tangible personality traits to play through adventures created and piloted by a Game Master.  The Tome of Spirits adds an array of additional content focused on spirits and the Spirit Realm, including new magic and cursed items, class paths, religions and cults, rules for corruption, stats and lore for spirits themselves, and rules for becoming the champion of a spirit. 

The religions and cults of the Tome of Spirits largely surround the spirits that are also found within the tome’s pages.  These snippets of lore and information provide grounding for these religious organizations, giving Game Masters and players alike plenty of fuel for the motives and stories of characters they introduce in their campaigns. 

Characters become Spirit Champions by earning the trust and respect of a spirit, through worship or service, thereby gaining new abilities in exchange for continued service.  Getting involved with a spirit is no light matter, however; spirits often quarrel over territory, playing an ethereal game of chess with their corporeal pawns to force each other into exile or corruption. 

Corruption is first introduced in the Endless Realms Core Rulebook, and is greatly expanded upon and given actionable mechanics in the Tome of Spirits.  This sickness yields great power, but has dangerous and often fatal effects even for the otherwise immortal inhabitants of the Spirit Realm.  Corruption is a major theme in the game’s overall storyline. 

When asked what she was most excited for players to see in the Tome of Spirits, Kirsty Garbe, CEO of Lunar Games, said “I’m simply excited to show our fans more of our world and give them a better understanding of how to incorporate spirits in their adventures.  They’re part of what makes Endless Realms unique, and there’s a lot of opportunity in the pages of the Tome of Spirits.” 

Lunar Games successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign for the Endless Realms Core Rulebook and Creature Compendium in April 2018, raising just over $40,000 CAD in 35 days.  The funding goal for the Tome of Spirits is to raise $8,400 CAD.  Its campaign will go live on April 23d and will run for 30 days. 

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