Press Release: Mistborn Metal Dice are Live. Back now!


They’re funded, and they’re glorious

We’re heading steadily toward our first stretch goal and when it’s unlocked we’ll add 20 all-new acrylic dice to pledges at all but the $1 tier. That’s right – we’ll DOUBLE the number of dice you get, at absolutely no extra cost!

Once this stretch goal unlocks, the Mistborn Dice & Accessories tier will include…

  • 20 unique metal dice delivered in a beautiful collector’s tin (shown above)
  • 1 Mistborn Dice Tray (also shown above)
  • 1 Mistborn Dice Tower (shown below)
  • 20 brand new acrylic dice!

There’s still time to get in on our Early Bird offer!

We expect this one to run out very soon, so if you’d like to score a set of our original Mistborn Allomancy Dice and some lovely Kelsier & Inquisitor miniatures at absolutely no additional cost to you, be sure to back soon


Beginning soon, and every day for 20 days, we will post an update with links to specific social media posts on our Facebook page and Twitter account. The following day, we will select one person who has reshared and / or retweeed those posts. We will immediately ship this person the actual factory sample of the pictured die – one of the very same dice seen on the Kickstarter page.

This photo of the Mistborn Metal Bronze Die is an example of the photos you’ll see in these posts. Follow us on social media so you don’t miss this opportunity. Reshare and retweet and you’ll be entered twice!


Anytime you need a Crafty fix, you can find us at…

…and at retail stores worldwide!


Have a question? Missing a game component? Need a digital high-five? We got your back…

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