PRESS RELEASE – Prepare for the Apocalypse this Fall – New Zone Compendiums & Mutant: Year Zero Sale Launched!

Free League Publishing

Prepare for the Apocalypse this Fall – New Zone Compendiums & Mutant: Year Zero Sale Launched!

Free League Publishing – Aug 24, 2018 11:50 BST


Do you plan to survive the end of the world? Of course you do. Mutant: Year Zero Week kicks off with new releases, brand new posters and a massive sale launched to make life enjoyable in the postapocalyptic zone.

To celebrate the coming apocalypse of Fall when darkness falls upon us, the landscape turns grey and brown, and you hide inside your comfortable bunker, Free League Publishing today launched two brand new Zone Compendia for the award-winning Mutant: Year Zero RPG: Eternal War and Hotel Imperator. Each Zone Compendium contains four thrilling Special Zone Sectors that can be placed anywhere in your Zone.

But that’s not all. Today, Free League has also launched three awesome posters with Mutant: Year Zero art by acclaimed artists Simon Stålenhag and Ola Larsson – so you can decorate your bunker or ark in style while awaiting the apocalypse.

Head out into the postapocalyptic Zone and check out all the new releases in the Free League web shop. Mutant: Year Zero products are up to 40% off for the coming week!

The Mutant Sale will run from now until August 31 – snatch your postapocalyptic bargain today:


Two brand new Zone Compendia were released today for the award-winning postapocalyptic tabletop RPG MUTANT: YEAR ZERO by Free League Publishing and distributed by Modiphius: THE ETERNAL WAR and HOTEL IMPERATOR


Slowly, the robot boots up again. It feels its circuits wake up, system after system coming online. Recharging and repairs are complete. The robot runs a quick diagnostic scan of its key functions. 73% capacity. It will have to do. The order must be completed. The robot draws its laser rifle and assumes a firing stance, bracing the rifle on a rusty metal beam, scarred by enemy fire. The robot scans the darkness. Large drone cranes hang from the ceiling high above like huge claws. Rusty old submarines rest silently in the black waters below.

“Unit KAN-738 reports. Day 7,298. The operations continues. The enemy must be destroyed.”


The Zone Compendium THE ETERNAL WAR for Mutant: Year Zero and Mutant: Mechatron includes four exciting Special Zone Sectors:

  • THE ETERNAL WAR – Robot fights robot in an underground duel without end.
  • FORT ROBOT – An abandoned Wild West-themed amusement park from the Old Age has new, artificial, inhabitants.
  • NORTHBAY NANDEEP 23 – The warning message from the ancient farming facility contains only two words: “WARNING! Nano contamination.”
  • THE ROBOT FACTORY – Thick smoke rises from the smokestacks of the old dilapidated factory in the Zone. Who has moved in?


In the dimly lit room, serious-looking men and women sit around a long table. At the short end, a man with long silvery hair and wearing a black suit presides over the meeting. His left eye lacks both iris and pupil, the white of it tinged by an unnatural icy blue. An old machine on the table projects a photo of a scrap village on the wall. The door to the room opens. Two people enter, cloaked in shadows.

“Number 2 and Number 3, report,” the white-haired man demands.

“Thank you, Number 1,” one of the newcomers responds. “We have much to do.”


The Zone Compendium HOTEL IMPERATOR for Mutant: Year Zero includes four exciting Special Zone Sectors:

  • HOTEL IMPERATOR – The mysterious Brain Ring has established its headquarters in an ancient hotel. What are the psionics’ nefarious plans?
  • THE LONG ROAD – A nomadic tribe of mutants travel through the Zone. What can the player characters learn from them?
  • THE ZONE FAIR – A robot has reopened an ancient amusement park in the Zone. What dirty secrets do its visitors bring with them?
  • THE GREAT ZONE WALKER – A colossal machine is rumbling through the Zone. Who controls it, and where is it going?


[Awarded a Silver ENnie for Best Rules]

Of course, the world ends. It was always just a question of time. When it’s all over, nature invades the ruined cities and winds sweep through empty streets. Yet life remains. In the Ark, a small settlement on the edge of a dead town, the People live. You are the spawn of humanity, but not human anymore. You are twisted, mutated freaks. Your bodies and minds have incredible powers, but you are unstable. None of the People are over 30 years old. Except the Elder. Your leader, one of the Old People. He has always warned you: Stay in the Ark, or the Rot will get you. So far, you have obeyed him. But now the safe days are over. Food is running scarce, and the fight for what’s left is turning violent. And the Elder is dying.
It’s time to explore the Zone. To seek out others and create a new civilization on the ruins of the old. Seek your origin. Maybe you will find Eden, where salvation awaits according to the legends. Maybe it’s all bullshit. It doesn’t matter. You have no choice. This is the beginning. This is Year Zero.


  • Mutant Poster – Rainbow by Simon Stålenhag.
  • Mutant Poster – Genlab Alpha by Ola Larsson
  • Mutant Poster – Mechatron by Simon Stålenhag.
  • Mutant: Year Zero – Roleplaying at the End of Days tabletop RPG
  • Mechatron expansion
  • Genlab Alpha expansion
  • Die, Meat-eater, Die!, Dead Blue Sea, Lair of the Saurians Zone Compendiums


“Mutant: Year Zero is an exceptional roleplaying game, and if you’re the least interested in this kind of entertainment you should buy it immediately.” -The Piruett sf and fantasy blog

“A better and more stylish balancing act between nostalgia and innovation the Swedish RPG scene hasn’t seen in a very long time.” -The Boningen gaming blog

“This RPG is f***ing great and I recommend it to new gamers and veterans alike. Giving this game anything but the highest grade would be insane.” -The Kryokinesi gaming blog

“The rules support and create campaign play. Intrigues start, threats arise, opportunities and challenges appear, without the GM having to make it all up.” – The Fenix gaming magazine

[If you are interested in review copies of our tabletop role-playing games or art books and/or want to interview the game creators, illustrators and writers, at Free League Publishing, please e-mail].

Free League Publishing is a Swedish publisher dedicated to speculative fiction. We have published several award-winning tabletop role-playing games and critically acclaimed art books set in strange and wondrous worlds.

Our first game, the post-apocalyptic Mutant: Year Zero was awarded a Silver ENnie for Best Rules 2015. The sci-fi adventure Coriolis – The Third Horizon, was awarded a Judge’s Spotlight Award at Gencon. And we are proud to say that our latest roleplaying game Tales from the Loop RPG based onSimon Stålenhags iconic artbooks made a grand slam at the ENnie Awards 2017, winning five Gold ENnies – among them Best Game.

Our upcoming fantasy RPG is Forbidden Lands, with art by critically acclaimed artist Simon Stålenhag and iconic Swedish fantasy artist Nils Gulliksson, lore by fantasy author Erik Granström and game design by the team that created Mutant: Year Zero, Coriolis: The Third Horizon and Tales from the Loop RPG. Forbidden Lands was the third most successful RPG Kickstarter in the world 2017 and was recently named one of the most anticipated RPGs of 2018 by EN World.

We have also released the critically acclaimed art books Things from the Flood and Tales from the Loopby artist Simon Stålenhag. His third book The Electric State has been released by Free League Publishing exclusively to the backers of the kickstarter campaign.

Read more on our website:

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