PRESS RELEASE – Star Trek Adventures will you violate the Prime Directive?

Will you violate the Prime Directive?
Today we’re really pleased to bring you a new Star Trek Adventures adventure, The Gravity of the Crime, by Christopher L Bennett.
The Gravity of the Crime is available in PDF on and DriveThruRPG.comas part of our Star Trek Collection which also features books, minis and accessories.
Here’s the exciting details on this new adventure set in the TNG era.
Welcome commander… Your orders are go undercover on the pre-contact planet of Kalmur to investigate the accidental death of a Federation observer.
When a Kalmuri experiment into artificial gravity goes wildly wrong, an experimental device explodes crushing everyone within the test lab, including a Starfleet scientist, Lieutenant Li, who had infiltrated the project as an observer.
Sent to investigate this apparently accidental death, your team is confronted by a Kalmuri detective, Lanox, who is convinced the deaths are the result of sabotage.
 Can you solve this classic locked-room murder mystery without violating Starfleet’s Prime Directive?
Set during the TNG era, this adventure also contains advice for adaptation to other eras including The Original Series.
Please note those who pre-ordered the Star Trek Adventures Core Book will receive this free and separately as a reward via
We hope you enjoy this latest adventure which joins a host of other titles like Ends and Means, Remnants and Call Back Yesterday, to provide some classic encounters for your Star Adventures characters.
Look out for more great Star Trek releases coming soon!
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