PRESS RELEASE – TORG Eternity: The Nile Empire

TORG Eternity: The Nile Empire

The award winning Torg Eternity is back and bolder than ever with its newest addition to this tabletop roleplaying classic.


The World Is Getting Bigger

This latest expansion will bring everything a player could want in a world set in a 1930’s pulp fiction novel.  The Nile Empire Kickstarter is scheduled to launch November 20th will bring new adventures, new heroes and a host of new villains to widen the world of Torg Eternity.

This Kickstarter will have a host of new products for fans of TORG Eternity to sink their teeth into along with fantastic new stretch goals to salivate over and want you to bring all your friends into backing.


Pulp Power

The Nile Empire is where pulp is reality.  Based on the 1030s where the action is bold, melodrama is…dramatic, and death is temporary.  Most of the time.

Your heroes will have epic battles with weird evil scientists, fascist dictators, and perhaps even the Mummy.  All set in a land once again ruled by the mighty Pharaohs of antiquity.

Now being an archeologist in Egypt is more than brushing the sand off an old relic from a decayed empire.   Now ancient powers have been awoken in this new reality and now opening that tomb had a distinct possibility of releasing a terrifying Mummy.

Or will your simple vacation turn into a dramatic chase with fascist thugs and hired hitmen through the rooftops of Cairo as you race against time to return the stolen artifact to its rightful resting place in order to avoid the curse?


Now You Too Can Have Your Very Own Nemesis

In the Nile Empire where the rules of classic pulp fiction are king, super villains abound and their evil plots are as over the top as their names are.   In the classic 30’s fashion a hero is not a true hero unless she has had one of these evil-doers claim she is her nemesis.  You never know when you will meet your soon to be nemesis and really begin your path to becoming a true hero.

Can you stop your nemesis from completing his diabolical plans from world domination or will you wind up tied to the end of a rope dangling over a pit filled with crocodiles?


Return of The Pharaoh

The coming of the Eternity Lords to earth has brought a host of changes to the reality we all must live with and in Egypt this has brought back the ancient rulers of the Nile.

Once again, the men worshiped as the children of gods dominate the Nile valley and rule with incomprehensible powers of old.   The palaces of the Pharaohs are teeming with life as these ancient rulers have regained their rightful place.

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