Short Film: Darth Maul – Apprentice

I’ve had a crazy week.

  • Huge secret project deadline
  • Drusilla skydiving off our banister
  • Prom Dress shopping with my daughter
  • An unwell mother (everything is okay!!)

There wasn’t room for a blog post this week, but I hope this will make up for it. Enjoy!

About Amanda Makepeace

Amanda Makepeace is an award winning illustrator inspired by nature, mythology, magical beings, and distant worlds. She is the co-founder of the Bird Whisperer Project, a monthly art challenge focused on spreading the the love of birds and art making for everyone. Her art has appeared in ENnie award-winning games and on the covers popular independant novels and anthologies. Her latest project is the cover art for the Long List Anthology Volume 4, a book featuring Hugo nominated stories. Amanda is a regular at Fantasy and SciFi conventions in the southeast, and an award winner at JordanCon, DragonCon, ChattaCon, and LibertyCon.
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