Spectrum Fantastic Art Live

‘Spectrum Fantastic Art Live is the Sundance of Illustration.’ – Gregory Manchess

I won’t be there but my tiny oil painting, Phoenix and the Unicorn will be!

Phoenix and the Unicorn by Amanda Makepeace

Last month I entered a contest via Jon Schindehette’s site The ArtOrder. Artists were invited to submit a 3×3 inch painting in traditional medium for possible inclusion in Jon’s exhibit booth at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 3. How could I not enter? Spectrum is a big deal. If you’re not an artist you may have never heard of them. That’s okay. But surely you’ve heard of Sundance, the renowned film festival? That should give you a clue. This isn’t your typical Fantasy/SciFi convention with an Art Show. This is all art, with some of the best artists in the industries of illustration, marketing, gaming, comics, film and more.

Jon plans to display all 276 paintings, including my little oil painting shown above, and they will be available to purchase!

Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 3 is May 9-11th.

Bartle Hall Grand Ballroom
Kansas City Convention Center
301 W. 13th St. Kansas City
MO 64105

About Amanda Makepeace

Artist inspired by fantasy, nature and myth. Lover of poetry, books, and wine. I've called both sides of the Atlantic home. www.amandamakepeace.com
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