PRESS RELEASE: City of Flesh RPG Zine

City of Flesh is a tarot-based femmecore roleplay zine set in the rotting womb of a dying colossus. Launching on Kickstarter for ZineQuest3 on Thursday February 4th!

Nagara, the City of Flesh, is old and dying, and you are the only one who can ward off its Doom.

City of Flesh is a tarot-based roleplay game where you play one of the Midwives, a person imbued with primordial energy, tasked with staving off the end of the world as you know it. With your group and a tarot deck, you create the city of Nagara and its unique locations. Each session the characters inch ever closer to a Doom they’re working tirelessly to prevent, but must inevitably face as the chronicle ends.

The game has the dark horror feeling of a dungeon crawl, while focusing on mechanics that drive in-game drama and push personal stories. You’ll get embroiled in the various wars raging between guilds in the city and try to secure a bit of personal peace, before all your efforts crumble around you.

Delve into a game that takes inspiration from grimdark fantasy combining it with feminine imagery to create an immersive gore-splattered roleplay experience where you delve into the dreams of a sleeping colossus and tear through fleshy reality to make your own fate.

City of Flesh was created by Steffie de Vaan and Elizabeth Chaipraditkul. They are looking for €1,500 to bring this project to life. The zine will be 50+ pages, A5 sized, with a full colour cover and black and white interior.

Steffie de Vaan is a Dutch author and developer of role playing games and short stories. She developed the Legendlore RPG and V5: Fall of London, and has written for many other settings including Vampire the Masquerade, Changeling the Lost, Exalted, and Harlem Unbound.

Elizabeth Chaipraditkul is the owner of Angry Hamster Publishing and her new game Afterlife: Wandering Souls won an Indie Groundbreaker Award for best setting in 2020. She was the lead developer of the Crescent Empire book for 7th Sea by John Wick Presents, and has written for companies such as Onyx Path Publishing, Chaosium, and Modiphius Entertainment.

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PRESS RELEASE – Afterlife: Wandering Souls Launches on Kickstarter 1 May 2019

Afterlife: Wandering Souls Launches on Kickstarter 1 May 2019

strange | macabre | unique Leiden, the

Netherlands, 15 April 2019. Angry Hamster Publishing is proud to announce the launch of their newest tabletop role playing game Afterlife: Wandering Souls live on Kickstarter on the 1st of May 2019. The fourth official release by Angry Hamster Publishing, this hardcover, full colour book features a unique setting, custom mechanics, and beautifully illustrated images.

Players take on the roles of Wanderers—people who died, but didn’t end up in Heaven, Hell, or any other traditional afterlife. Devoid of any memories of their life before, Wanderers must travel an endless desert searching through different planes of existence attempting to find some semblance of self. Along the way they encounter strange inhabitants, alien cultures, and other humans who’ve lost all hope and are bent on destroying them.

Afterlife: Wandering Souls was created by Elizabeth Chaipraditkul founder of Angry Hamster Publishing. The game explores the themes of hope, self-exploration, and delves into the realm of the strange. Surreal settings mixed with macabre themes elicit a mysterious story players must interact with while dealing with familiar real-world problems.

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