Press Release: Longshot Productions Adds New Artists and Marketing Manager to Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic Team

Longshot Productions Adds New Artists and Marketing Manager to B13 Team

Oak Park Michigan: 06.13.2019: Tri Tac Legacy (TTL)

Longshot Productions, designer of the Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic Savage Worlds Edition, is pleased to announce new additions to the growing team of creators.

Rick Hershey – Additional Art

Rick Hershey is an illustrator, graphic designer, writer, and tabletop game publisher. He has worked in the gaming industry for over 15 years providing work as a freelancer for a multitude of clients including Wizards of the CoastDreamworks EntertainmentPinnacle EntertainmentFantasy Flight GamesMonte Cook Games, and many more. Mr. Hershey currently owns and operates Fat Goblin Games and is well known for his former art studio, Empty Room Studios, which provided quality art and design services for film, comics, and game industries.

Karl Keesler – Layout and Design

Karl Keesler is an award-winning Art Director that started in the gaming industry back in 2002 with United Playtest. He was the “Layout Guy” on Gaming Frontiers, a d20 magazine. From there he partnered up with the guys at Dog House Rules and took his passion for graphic design and gaming and turned it into a Gold ENnie in 2004 for Best Electronic Product for their flagship book, Sidewinder: Recoiled. He continued to work on numerous page layouts and logo designs for Dog House Rules’ Frontier TownsThe Fort Griffin EchoBuckshotsSix Guns and Quick Quests; garnering multiple ENnie nominations. Recently he has started freelancing with character sheet design work for Fabled Environments’ Savage Worlds setting, Olympus Inc.

Over the years, Karl has taken his love of graphic design, pop culture, and Savage Worlds to newer heights with running his unique conventions games.

William Sobel – Marketing Manager

Will Sobel has experience in every channel of the industry starting with running a local game store in 2014. Since then he has worked in a mass retail store, was a distribution buyer at Southern Hobby Supply, and worked in marketing at Upper Deck. Now, Will wears many operations hats at Green Ronin Publishing including sales and licensing. He also does design and writing for several companies including Green Ronin and Gallant Knight Games, as well as writing and editing board game rulebooks for Druid City GamesRenegade Game Studios, and others

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