Fine Photo Friday – Water & Rock

Welcome to the latest edition of Fine Photo Friday.

We’ll be posting one photo every Friday.

This week’s submission is from nature photography specialist, Larry Winslett:

Water and Rock, Maine Coast

How water shots look are always dependent on how you use shutter speed.  This shot is at 1/3 of a second (f14, ISO 100.)  Lens is a Canon EFS18-135.  Somewhere in this shutter speed range often gives a pleasing effect to moving water.  Of course other factors like the speed of the water also play a role in how the image looks.  See more water shots at

Find Larry Winslett on Facebook and Flickr.  His photos are available as prints and fine art cards.

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Autumn ~ My Favorite time of Year

Little Bit of AutumnAutumn has always been my favorite time of year. As the stranglehold of summer begins to wane, I always feel lighter and more creative. Walks are longer. I dig out my boots, my long sweater jackets and my scarves. There’s a chill in the air at night and an entire month of all things spooky and haunted.  Everything smells like home and family–pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Even Nature takes the time to celebrate. The trees transform but not without putting on a show. The breeze picks up, swirling reds, yellows and oranges all around.

Autumn is magic.

One of my favorite Autumn pastimes is to find and photograph little gems like the one shown on the right from last year.  I began my quest a couple weeks ago, but now that it’s officially Autumn it will become a semi-daily occurrence.

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