Autumn ~ My Favorite time of Year

Little Bit of AutumnAutumn has always been my favorite time of year. As the stranglehold of summer begins to wane, I always feel lighter and more creative. Walks are longer. I dig out my boots, my long sweater jackets and my scarves. There’s a chill in the air at night and an entire month of all things spooky and haunted.  Everything smells like home and family–pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Even Nature takes the time to celebrate. The trees transform but not without putting on a show. The breeze picks up, swirling reds, yellows and oranges all around.

Autumn is magic.

One of my favorite Autumn pastimes is to find and photograph little gems like the one shown on the right from last year.  I began my quest a couple weeks ago, but now that it’s officially Autumn it will become a semi-daily occurrence.

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About Amanda Makepeace

Amanda Makepeace is an award winning illustrator inspired by nature, mythology, magical beings, and distant worlds. She is the co-founder of the Bird Whisperer Project, a monthly art challenge focused on spreading the the love of birds and art making for everyone. Her art has appeared in ENnie award-winning games and on the covers popular independant novels and anthologies. Her latest project is the cover art for the Long List Anthology Volume 4, a book featuring Hugo nominated stories. Amanda is a regular at Fantasy and SciFi conventions in the southeast, and an award winner at JordanCon, DragonCon, ChattaCon, and LibertyCon.
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  1. Autumn leaves are little pieces of death.
    Translation: Keep the pics coming.

  2. Haha! They are. Beautiful little pieces of death. 😀

  3. I love leaves revealing their true colours in the autumn…that, and jumpers, jackets, scarves, gloves, woolly hats, boots, crunching in said leaves and puffs of breath like dragons!

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