SNEAK PEEK – Free Svilland Saga Demo Booklet (try the setting before the Kickstarter)

Dream Realm Storytellers are offering a free preview of their upcoming D&D 5e setting, Svilland Saga. For more details about Dream Realm Storytellers and the Svilland Saga, try their press release here. For details about the free booklet, read on.

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Svilland is a campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons 5E that is based on Scandinavian mythology and culture. It is a world where three kingdoms are in struggle with each other in a savage landscape, full of many dangers and hardships even after Odin’s conquest over Vanir in the archaic times. With an atmosphere that is darker than many other settings of the genre, Svilland reflects the endurance and necessary brutality of the Norse, and Vikings thereof.

In its present time, the realm is in a period when two of the omens of Ragnarok have appeared and the realm is waiting for the third one that will mark the emergence of the end days. Odd, the Father of Frost Giants and the Bringer of the Black Winter has been awakened and left his prison throne, the spear that is made for keeping him there has fallen to the floor. In the meanwhile, races and people of the realm are still indulged in their daily matters and quests.

Under the content of Norse and Vikings, we are preparing a campaign setting that has two new classes, 24 new archetypes, 14 new domains for nine deities, 20 new monsters, 100 new magical items and many new spells, feats and equipment. When published, it will have over 100 pages of content.


In this booklet, we are providing you a sneak peek so that you can use for a play test and see for yourself. A small geography of one of the three regions is also provided, where you can run a mini-campaign. You can test four of the domains with your cleric (or gothi, in Norse terms), archetypes for the barbarian, the fighter, the ranger and the sorcerer, as well as our brand new class the runewalker with rune magic. We also included some of the monsters that you can challenge your players with, some of the magical items that you can reward them with, and some of the new spells and feats.

We wish you a marvelous adventure, skol!

– Dream Realm Storytellers

You can download it from here:

PRESS RELEASE – Svilland Saga, Campaign Setting for 5E Coming Soon from Dream Realm Storytellers

New Norse Mythology Based RPG is Coming – Svilland Saga

Svilland Saga is a campaign setting based on the system of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.
It is a deep-down entertainment media of Norse culture, especially the Viking Age. The realm
itself is fiction, but all the assets of the game; politics, history, the pantheon, classes, magical
items and monsters are inspired from the Norsemen and their old ways of living. Currently, it
includes three kingdoms in a landscape as big as Scandinavia, 38 new class archetypes, 100
new magical items, and 20 new monsters. The book will have over 100 pages of content and
we aim it to become more with more stretch goals funded. Yes! We will be on Kickstarter!


What is difference from other Norse based settings

There are many RPG games out there with the themes of Norsemen and Vikings, yet it was not
possible to dive deeply into these themes and cultures with Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition,
until now. Under development for the past 6 months, Svilland Saga will be a campaign setting
that will make you dive deep into old Norse culture with the fun of DnD.

Compared to other settings, it is of course darker. It has more entangling politics, fear and
excitement of various mythological monsters, and a true feeling of role-playing a Viking with
mystical or religious aspects, or just the profound brutality. If you like entertainment media on
Vikings with all the movies, series and books, you will find yourself immersed in playing the
heroes in your favorite interests of the culture.

And also our gods… There are 9 gods in Svilland Saga to follow; Odin, Thor, Freyja, Balder,
Fenrir, Tyr, Hel, Aegir and Loki. There are several religion cults for those gods and try to extend
their gods purposes.

Who are We?

Dream Realm Storytellers started began as Atılım University Science Fiction and Fantasy
Society in Ankara, Turkey. In time, our organization broke its ties with the university and
became an independent RPG society, where we opened up ourselves to other people interested
in the same culture with us, and organized events such as mini-conventions, and Fantasia Camp
camping conventions. Now we are transformed into a development studio for RPG content and
our mission is made of three pillars: Following our passion by developing RPG content,
gathering and guiding others around us and help them follow their passion in development, and
increasing the awareness and interest in RPG as both a sub-culture and a business sector in

Dream Realm Storytellers

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