Press Release: Journey Guide: Horror, Kickstarter Campaign will launch on June 30th

Dream Realm Storytellers

Journey Guide: Horror, Kickstarter Campaign will launch on June 30th

Date 20.06.2019

Dream Realm Storytellers will launch a new Kickstarter project at the end of this month, Journey Guide: Horror . It is a card deck which helps creators by providing a story creation system which can work for any horror fiction.

The deck contains 90 high-quality, colored cards with visuals, the price would be $35 for each deck.

What is next?

We have no thought of stopping! As a relatively crowded and passionate studio, we are working on two more projects. Moreover, we are planning to use our Journey Guide system with other themes after successfully founded and deliver our products.




Svilland is our first Kickstarter campaign which successfully founded. It is a DnD5e campaign setting which reflects the fantastic and harsh Norse mythology. It is going to be fulfilled at the end of this month.


About Dream Realm Storytellers

Dream Realm Storytellers has begun its journey as Science Fiction and Fantasy Society in Ankara, Turkey. Last two years, we are transformed into a development studio for RPG content with Svilland and our mission is made of three pillars: Following our passion by developing RPG content, gathering and guiding others around us and help them follow their passion in development, and increasing the awareness and interest in RPG as both a sub-culture and a business sector in Turkey.

Contact us

via our website:


Twitter: @DR_Storytellers

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