Press Release: Legacy: Life Among the Ruins RPG launches trio of exciting new books on the back of successful Kickstarter

Legacy: Life Among the Ruins RPG launches trio of exciting new books on the back of successful Kickstarter

“The World Before is fallen, torn apart by an apocalypse so extreme that reality itself was shredded and warped in its wake.“

Three exciting new releases are lined up for the Legacy: Life Among the Ruins RPG, Legacy: End Game, Legacy: The Engine of Life and Free from Yoke.  Each is a hardcover, approximately 120 pages long, Royal-sized volume (156mm x 234mm).  These books are currently fresh at the printers and Kickstarter fulfillment is to begin within a month. Here’s what you can find in them:

  • Legacy: End Game: This Legacy supplement focuses on the themes of death, decay and entropy. Your heroes will face greater existential threats and characters that can channel dark and terrifying powers. Will you seal away the evil that awaits you or flee from it all the way to the stars?

  • Legacy: The Engine of Life: This Legacy supplement is a mirror to Legacy: End Game and focuses on the themes of rebirth and cooperation. Your characters can celebrate in festivals commemorating ages past and engage characters and families devoted to the ideas of cooperation, art and exploration. Will you build a wonder that ushers in a green revolution or create a home for an impossible, godlike nature deity?

  • Free From the Yoke: This Legacy hack adapts Legacy: Among the Ruins to a gritty, medieval fantasy world inspired by slavic mythology with a focus on politics, intrigue and noble houses. Your kingdom was occupied by the Empire for generations, but now it’s free. What sort of nation will you build together?

Legacy: Life Among the Ruins Core Overview

Your ancestors survived thanks to luck, preparation or pure grit. Now it’s time to leave their shelters and start rebuilding the world. But the wasteland has other inhabitants: families with different philosophies and abilities, secretive factions with their own agendas, and bizarre monsters stalking the ruins. As generations pass and your family evolves to suit this new world, what stories will you tell?In this role-playing game you’ll build your own unique post-apocalytic landscape, home to scattered families of survivors. Take control of a family, play the brave heroes that define them, and guide them through the grand sweep of history.

Legacy: Life Among the Ruins – Key Features

From grand strategy to desperate struggle. Shift freely between commanding the movements of spies and armies and fighting monsters in a ruined wasteland, using the fast and dramatic rules of the Powered by the Apocalypse engine.

  • A Game of Histories: Write the saga of your family over generations and draw on your ancestor’s powers, even as you face the unexpected consequences of their actions.
  • Endless variety: 11 family types and 13 character types create hundreds of possibilities, each with its own meaning for the story you’re telling.
  • Hit the ground running: Start playing today with the included quick-start, complete with five pairs of families and characters, story prompts and a sunless world filled with hungry spectres.
  • Build your own post-apocalyptic world: Simple procedures help your group sketch out the wonders of the world before, the horrors of the fall, and the new communities built by survivors – resulting in a world that’s unique to your group and deeply integrated with your characters.
  • From grand strategy to desperate struggle: Each player controls a family of survivors, and will use that faction to rebuild the world. You tell this multi-generation story in snapshots called ages – each age you’ll define the current crisis and create a hero from your family to deal with it, able to draw on the powers of their ancestors.
  • Grand Scope: Shift between playing characters who explore the dangerous wastelands and then shift back to the Family level, rebuilding settlements and waging wars with rivals. If the narrative needs to focus on a particular heroes story, build supporting characters in minutes to act with them.

You can view an actual play of Legacy Life Among the Ruins here in this 5 session campaign. ( )

You can purchase Legacy Life Among the Ruins here.  (  )

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