PRESS RELEASE – Origins 2019 Theme is Mythical!

Origins 2019 Theme is Mythical!

Your imagination will come to life at Origins 2019!
Epic adventures, daring quests, legendary tales and more await you in Columbus, OH, June 12-16, 2019!

Hotel Blocks Open October 15

Looking for a room during your trip to Origins 2019? Hotel blocks with our partner hotels open October 15! 
Hotel blocks offer Origins attendees cheaper rates with hotels near the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Find your hotel October 15.
Origins Hotel Blocks

Origins Film Festival Submission Portal

For the past three years, the Origins Film Festival has showcased unique independent films related to gaming, fantasy, and sci-fi. Your film could be showcased next! The submission portal opens November 1! Visit the Origins Film Festival site to see previous film festival selections.
Origins Film Festival

Become an Origins Volunteer

We have the greatest volunteers from diverse backgrounds and gaming is what unites us as one group of awesome people.

We’re working on bringing legendary heroes to Origins! Help bring the epic story to life and sign up to become a volunteer! Early signup means a better chance of getting the location and hours you want. You will receive an email confirmation once your information has been processed.
Become an Origins Volunteer!

Early Bird Badge Registration Opens November 15

Can’t wait for Origins 2019? Get your early bird badge, at a discounted early bird price, starting November 15!
Early Bird Badge

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